WRC 6 Review

World Rally Championship 6 does an excellent job of bringing the authenticity and fun of the sport to the controller. Visually, it looks pretty good, plays really well and is structured in a way that encourages continuous play. Despite all of this, it’s not the best rally game to release this year but offers an excellent alternative to its main competition.

WRC 6 offers more of a casual approach to play compared to its main competition DiRT Rally. While DiRT Rally offers a huge challenge that’s equally rewarding as it is frustrating, WRC 6 gives you both realistic and casual approaches that you can choose between.

Don’t be fooled by the casual approach though as it brings over everything you will enjoy from rallying including multi-stage events as well as vehicle damage. This will not only make it feel like the real thing but it will also bring news layers of strategy to how aggressive you approach stages depending on how many take place in any given day.

There can be a single event in a day or there can be more. Regardless, you can only repair your car once a day meaning that you have to be more careful on days with multiple

The most enticing part of the Career Mode is in its streamlined feeling. You are giving a rally championship consisting of a series of a events and they’re all presented to you clearly in a manner that’s easy to understand what you’ll be doing next. There’s no complicated structure, no branching paths, no side activities. It’s concentrated and a pure Rally career which is all it needs to be.

One of the most impressive aspects of the locations and tracks on offer is that the Super Special Stages are replicated on a 1:1 scale. These events are naturally much shorter than the standard rally events and are an excellent match. They are included to test the ability to be fast and it feels like it here. There are standard rallying events that test your reflexes, your endurance, and your ability to read the surface and manage your speed and turning. These events can feel a starv contrast to the Super Special Stages but equally feel enjoyable and rewarding.

The easy structure to the Career Mode made it very hard to put down as I moved up the ranks. That’s the best strength WRC 6 possesses: Progression comes at a consistent pace that makes “One more event” a common thought. Couple that with a good racing model that feels good and you’ve got the most accessible and enjoyable rally game to release in some time. It may not have the intricacies or realism of DiRT Rally but instead have an excellent alternative to rally driving and it’s easily the best WRC to release in some time.


  • Offers casual and hardcore approach
  • Easy but enjoyable Career Mode progression
  • Visual upgrade from last year's version


  • Driving model isn't the best of its kind


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