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KickBeat – Beat your own music trailer released

Zen Studios have released a brand new trailer for their upcoming PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita game KickBeat. The new trailer shows how easy it is to import your own tracks from your PS3 or Vita and add them to the game creating your own levels in just a few minutes. Select a track from your music library on your PS Vita or PlayStation 3. Find the rhythm by tapping the Triangle button along t...[Read More]

Zen Studios’ next game coming May 29th

Zen Studios, probably most well-known for their Zen Pinball series have released an announcement trailer regarding the release date for their next title called “CastleStorm”. The game will be released on the Xbox Live Arcade on May 29th. “Built on the fond childhood memory of building and destroying Lego castles,¬†CastleStorm¬†mixes things up with 2D physics destruction mashed with...[Read More]

Review: Zen Pinball 2

Pinball is one of those game genres that, despite being around for so long in video games, is always pleasant to see when a new one is released. Potential masters of video games, Zen Studios, have brought a lot of what made everybody love about Piball FX 2 and bring it over to the PlayStation Vita. Does the pinball game hit all the right bumpers or does it suffer from one too many shunts?   Z...[Read More]

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