Unit 13

Review: Unit 13

Although just missing the launch date, Zipper Interactive’s Unit 13 is here to bring some tactical shooting our way. With the quick pick up and play mindset, does Unit 13 fail to deliver or is this one operation worth completing? Simply put, Unit 13 is a third person tactical shooter spread across 36 different missions that require you to kill everyone in sight, or do so stealthily, or complete a ...[Read More]

PS Vita title Unit 13 dated

  Sony’s newest handheld, the Playstation Vita is just around the corner and one of the most promising title’s comes from Zipper Interactive’s game Unit 13. Sony have announced that although it will miss the initial launch line-up, the game will release just a couple of weeks later on March 9th. So who’s got a PS Vita pre-ordered?

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