Review: Terraria (Vita)

Some games have a better home on one platform compared to others. Since Terraria and PlayStation Vita have been together in the gaming world, people were saying it’s a match made in tiny block heaven. With its simplistic deceptiveness, Terraria is the perfect game for both pick up and play and diving deep into with dozens of hours of content. How does Terraria fare on PlayStation Vita? The game se...[Read More]

Review: Terraria

Terraria has the potential to have the runaway success as a previous game that followed the same path. Minecraft has had major success in racking up over six million downloads on the Xbox 360 in the past year which is astounding. Even though many people compare Terraria as a 2D Minecraft, after just a few minutes you’d realise just how wrong you are. Give Terraria a chance and what you will get is...[Read More]

Terraria heading to consoles next week

After being out on the PC for quite some time now, publishers 505 Games have announced a release date for Terraria – It’s next week. Xbox 360 players worldwide will be able to start their all new adventure from Wednesday 27th March, PlayStation 3 owners in North America get a day’s head-start on Tuesday 26th March with a release date for the European PlayStation Store The console versi...[Read More]

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