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Review: Syndicate

Many people were excited when rumours arose about the possible return of Syndicate and those rumours stayed around for some time before the game was eventually announced. But fans disappointedly sighed when they heard the game would be rebooted as a First Person Shooter. Syndicate is back, but not as people know it. Is it worth your time and money to return to a loved but old franchise or is it ju...[Read More]

Syndicate Launch Trailer

Syndicate is the upcoming reboot (kind of) of the classic strategy game. EA have today released the launch trailer for the game which can be viewed below. The game releases on February 24th. Set in 2069, Syndicate takes players into a dark world where corporations are vying for market dominance. With no government to question their intentions or actions, the three mega corporations – Eurocorp, Cay...[Read More]

Syndicate DART 6 screenshots and video

  EA and Starbreeze are getting ready to release the reboot of the classic isometric real-time tactical game from Bullfrog Games. Syndicate has now become a First Person Shooter and is set to release on February 24th. DART 6 is your gateway to the ultimate consciousness. Equipped with a combat ready neural interface, you as an Agent can cause weapon malfunction, induce insanity, and persuade ...[Read More]

New Syndicate co-op trailer, demo coming soon

Many fans of the original Syndicate have been a a little sceptical surrounding EA’s reboot. The people who have played it though, including myself, have only had possitive things to say about the upcoming First Person Shooter from Starbreeze Studios. The new trailer also highlights that a demo will be coming soon. How soon? Don’t know just yet but expect it to be in the next couple of ...[Read More]

New Syndicate Deep Dive Co-op Video, Features Missions From Original Game

EA and Starbreeze are bringing back the loved tactical game Syndicate, but as a First Person Shooter. Despite many longtime fans of the series being severely disappointed by the genre change, it is worth noting that the game looks promising. The newest video released by Starbreeze focuses on the co-op stating that the co-op mode will feature nine missions from the original Syndicate game, but, of ...[Read More]

Rebooted Syndicate gets debut trailer

  The long rumoured reboot finally stopped being a rumour and became a reality in screenshot form a couple weeks back. Now though, EA and developers Starbreeze have released its debut trailer showing off its first glimpses of gameplay. Right away players will notice its striking similarity to the recently released Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Syndicate is a First Person Shooter so it will have ...[Read More]

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