Review: Spelunky (PlayStation Vita)

It ain’t easy being a spelunker. Death is surrounding you at every turn, drop, and encounter. It takes skill and determination to find your way through these perilous cave systems and you are the only guy that can do it; unless you’re on a PlayStation 3, then another three friends can join you on your adventures. Yes, Spelunky is finally here on Sony’s platforms and while it may suffer from some m...[Read More]

Arcade Review: Spelunky

Spelunky, a nice little arcade game released as part of the summer of arcade where you go adventuring down a cave with your trusty whip and bombs in a very Indiana Jones inspired fashion. Fast paced, randomly built levels and very difficult, this game might just get you a little addicted to it if you’re the right type of player. Although let me just write that name again, Spelunky. Now I’m fully a...[Read More]

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