Video Review: Vampyr

Review: Industry Empire

Developer: Actalogic Genre: Tycoon, Simulation This one hurt, guys. What should have been a no brainer was rushed or simply not thought out enough. The tagline for Industry Empire was: “An entire industrial empire under your control. Have you always dreamed of swimming in money? In “Industry Empire” you are the boss of all bosses.” Okay, I can buy that, I’ve never played a game with that exact pre...[Read More]

Review: Gods Will Be Watching

Genre: Adventure Publisher: Devolver Digital Developer: Deconstructeam Gods Will Be Watching is claimed to be a “radical” take on the traditional point and click adventure. The selling point of this game is you; or moreover your choices. There is no mortality in this game. I have a feeling that this game review will be controversial. It appears that Gods Will Be Watching is like Marmit...[Read More]

Review: Real Horror Stories Ultimate Edition

Genre: Indie Developer: GameORE Publisher: Strategy First Full disclosure: I bought this game myself. I didn’t get a review copy, nor was I given this game. I paid hard earned money for this game. With a price tag of €1.99, I should have known better. Yet, I bought it never the less. Time to review it; please don’t make the same mistake as I did. GameORE promote this as “The Ultimate Edition”...[Read More]

Review: Abyss Odyssey

Set in the city of Santiago of 1890, mysterious openings to an underground abyss bending reality with the nightmares of a powerful warlock. With this basic narrative construct, Abyss Odyssey is an adventure game with fighting and RPG elements blended into native mythical lore and an art nouveau style.  ACE Team, the developer of the surrealist fantasy Zeno Clash, gives us a game that is as enchant...[Read More]

Review: BloodBath

Wow, this was a very cool treat. Rarely do I enjoy gigs that have any Roman influence at all. However, Blood bath has a really cool idea pumping it forward, a Mad Max world with Roman Games. It is all online multiplayer, and I would normal rail on games for that. However, I really enjoyed this. It isn’t smart, long or deep. It is just a bit of fun. Pure hack and slash third person fun. Right the “...[Read More]

Review: Monochroma

Genre: Platformer Develop/ Publisher:  Nowhere Studios When I was tasked with this review, I was not expected to revisit a game that a really enjoyed nor was I expected something that would frustrate me so much. I was not expecting to literally play the same game again only without the suspense, dark thrill or playful dark wonderland of the original platformer.

Review: Contagion

Developer/Publisher: Monochrome LLC. Okay, so Contagion is an Indie, cooperative, multiplayer survival zombie game. That was a mouthful. And at first play, it’s okay, kinda cool and has some elements that you could grow to like. It will, and I say this now, turn off people that dislike zombie survival horror first person shooters like the Left 4 Dead series. With this game being more “low-rent” th...[Read More]

Review: Diablo III: Reaper of Souls

Blizzard have been on the receiving end of hate being sent their way ever since Diablo III launched in May 2012. From the always online, to the real money auction house, fans have felt as though Blizzard forgot about what makes Diablo great. To their credit though, they haven’t been ignoring their fans, or their criticisms. Over the past two years, the team have been tweaking everything to m...[Read More]

Review: inFAMOUS Second Son

Superpowers and building leaping is afoot in Seattle thanks to inFAMOUS Second Son, the first PlayStation 4 title from Sucker Punch Productions. The game features, for the first time, a real city instead of a fictional one inspired by real locations. With a real location and a brand new protagonist on a brand new system, inFAMOUS Second Son has a lot to prove with its transitions. While there are ...[Read More]

Review: Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD

There was a time when a developer called SqaureSoft dominated the world their Japanese Role Playing Games. It may be hard for a newer audience to believe that once, it was JRPGs that were fasr superior than the western ones but it happened. Unfortunately, in recent years, Japanese developers and publishers have felt the need to make their games more westernised in order to appeal to the western au...[Read More]

Review: Titanfall

  It’s the shooter that people told it dared to be different. From the ashes of Infinity Ward rose the the flying beast that was aptly named Respawn Entertainment. A new studio that went from leaving the home they made for themselves to releasing the most anticipated shooter in the world in just four years. The hype train has been in full-swing the past few months for the title but does this train...[Read More]

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