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Resident Evil 6

Demo Impressions: Resident Evil 6

So following on with the tiniest of relevance to the previous piece, along with Dragon’s Dogma you got a special code for a little demo for a game called Resident Evil 6. A much anticipated next step in the Resident Evil franchise. Usually when a game or a movie series gets to a sixth iteration, the fans are screaming out to stop. In this case the fans are just screaming out for more Somehow the R...[Read More]

E3 2012: Resident Evil 6 gameplay demo

Resident Evil 6 got its first gameplay reveal at the Microsoft press conference and it was slightly underwhelming to be honest. Find out for yourself in the video below and make of it what you will. Resident Evil 6 releases this October.  

Resident Evil 6 will take 30 hours to complete

Speaking to NowGamer, Resident Evil 5 game director Eiichiro Sasaki has said that the three campaigns in Resident Evil 6 will take quite some time to complete, meaning it is the company’s longest Survival Horror game to date. “In terms of length, each character’s story is a little bit less than RE5 but when you combine them together you’re getting something that is much lon...[Read More]

New Resident Evil 6 trailer brings new release date

At this year’s Captivate event, Capcom had a few announcements and things to show off, including a brand new trailer Resident Evil 6. Although the trailer highlights more of the story, its not that element fans will be talking about. Instead people will be talking about the change in release date. Resident Evil 6 originally had a release date of November 20th but at the end of the new traile...[Read More]

Dragon’s Dogma release date announced, Resident Evil 6 demo included

For those of you looking forward to Capcom’s open world RPG Dragon’s Dogma, some may be disappointed that it won’t be releasing in Q1 2012 but it will be coming out in May 25th. The most interesting piece of news though isn’t about the game itself. Instead, Capcom have announced that all copies of Dragon’s Dogma will come with a demo for its upcoming survival horror g...[Read More]

Resident Evil 6 features 6 player co-op

The announcement came just a few days ago but the Resident Evil 6 train just keeps on rolling and providing us with more news. Thanks to a leaked image on the Xbox Marketplace, they have confirmed that Resident Evil 6 will feature a boost in numbers in both co-op and competitive multiplayer. Offline co-op is still maxed at two players but online sees a drastic change. The image shows that co-op if...[Read More]

Resident Evil 6 being announced tomorrow?

A viral marketing campaign has been making the rounds over the last day or so and all signs are pointing to a Resident Evil 6 reveal coming tomorrow, January 19th. This is the same date that Capcom are holding a Fright Night event in San Francisco where fans are gathering to play two upcoming Resident Evil games: Operation Racoon City and Revelations. From the video below shows that the game may b...[Read More]

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