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PlayStation Plus games announced for May

Sony have revealed the games that PlayStation Plus subscribers can download for free on their PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita in May.

Review: Puppeteer

There’s not really any other time that I can mention that this is a game where you play as a puppet on a 2D stage with some of the greatest art design I’ve seen all year but all those words together make sense when I’m talking about the PlayStation 3’s Puppeteer. Props must be given to Sony right away as being one of the big three first party publishers, Sony are the only ones willing to take some...[Read More]

Sony announce Until Dawn, Puppeteer, and Rain

Sony came out with one of the best press conferences from any publisher in years. Right when we felt that this generation was just running on fumes, Sony comes out and shows that there’s life in the old dog yet. Announcing plenty of new games for PlayStation Vita, a new system, Sony still showed that they could bring new IPs to the PlayStation 3. Until Dawn is a brand new game for the PlaySt...[Read More]

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