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PS Vita

Review: Lone Survivor Director’s Cut

Lone Survivor launched last year on PC and it turned the expectations of pixel art and 2D games on its head. Looking and playing a bit like old Mario games, Lone Survivor may give you the impression that it’s just not possible to create a survival horror game in this sort of environment. Jasper Byrne though created quite the surprising experience on PC last year and now it’s made its way to the Pl...[Read More]

Review: Killzone Mercenary

It’s being built up as the PlayStation Vita’s first real First Person Shooter. Boasting incredible visuals, unparalleled on the platforms and solid shooting mechanics, can Killzone Vita hold up to the pressure that’s being put on it? After playing through the campaign and many matches online is should say that I’m done with the game but a large part of me feels as though this is only the beginning...[Read More]

KickBeat – Beat your own music trailer released

Zen Studios have released a brand new trailer for their upcoming PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita game KickBeat. The new trailer shows how easy it is to import your own tracks from your PS3 or Vita and add them to the game creating your own levels in just a few minutes. Select a track from your music library on your PS Vita or PlayStation 3. Find the rhythm by tapping the Triangle button along t...[Read More]

Review: Stealth Inc. A Clone in The Dark

Death is inevitable. We are here for just a notch on a rope and then gone, leaving behind loved ones to mourn and remember, but then again, who would mourn a clone? Stealth Inc: A Clone on The Dark, you take control of a nameless clone, tasked with getting through incredibly difficult rooms. How does being a stealthy clone stack up on the PlayStation Vita? Frustrating but rewarding all at the same...[Read More]

PlayStation Vita’s Tearaway suffers slight delay

Sony have announced that upcoming PlayStation Vita game from Media Molecule will be missing the original slated mid-October release. Instead, the charming PlayStation Vita title will be coming on November 22nd. It’s a small delay but it’s disappointing to have to wait an extra month to get our hands on the title. Are you still looking forward to this title?  

NIS America publishing Dragon’s Crown in PAL territories

A rating for Dragon’s Crown has appeared on the Australian Classification Board. The game, releasing next month is on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita in North America is being published by Atlus, a publisher that has no presence in Europe or Oceana, has had their products be released overseas by NIS America and they seem to be continuing that trend with Dragon’s Crown. There is no r...[Read More]

Review: Hotline Miami

There are few games that feel like they give you a trip unlike any other. Hotline Miami is one of those games. A game that oozes 80s violence, Hotline Miami launched on PC late last year, is an ode to the cocaine fuelled action movies of old. Now it has made its way from PC to PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita and the result is a game that induces symptoms just like the aforementioned drug above,...[Read More]

Review: Jak and Daxter Trilogy (PS Vita)

Naughty Dog are currently setting the gaming world alight with its newly released PlayStation 3 exclusive The Last of Us. The Uncharted developer are seen to possibly be the best developer in the world right now but before Nathan Drake and Sully and Joel and Ellie, Naughty Dog had another duo working together in Jak and Daxter. Having released on PlayStation 3 last year, the Jak and Daxter trilogy...[Read More]

E3 2013: Sony unveil some upcoming PlayStation Vita Titles

Even though the focus at the Sony press conference was on the PlayStation 4, they had a lot to show attendees in regards to the Vita at their E3 booth. Below you will a bunch of trailers for upcoming games on the PlayStation Vita. Although these may not cover every Vita game on the way for the system, it does prove a continued support for the handheld that is quickly becoming the indie handheld wh...[Read More]

E3 2013: Killzone: Mercenary gets the trailer treatment

If there’s one game that really shows off the power of the PlayStation Vita then look no further than Killzone: Mercenary. Up until this point first person shooters haven’t had the best success on the system with Resistance: Burning Skies and Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified both failing to hit their mark. Killzone: Mercenary will hopefully bring some great success in both the genr...[Read More]

E3 2013: New Tearaway trailer shows it’s still pretty charming

Despite not getting a huge amount of love at the press conference, there are still some interesting titles coming out for the PlayStation Vita. One of those that should be very high on your list is Media Molecule’s Tearaway. A new trailer was released for it and it still looks like a really fun title. Tearaway launches later this year on PlayStation Vita

E3 2013: Feast your eyes on new Final Fantasy X/X-2 trailer

While every JRPG fan are probably still reeling from both the Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III reveals but Square Enix have also released a new trailer for the remastering of Final Fantasy X and X-2 releasing on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. The games are still scheduled to be released later this year.

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