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Xbox One comes with headset – video released

Microsoft have once again listened to consumer complaints and are now including headsets in all Xbox Ones. The console will also come with a 4K enabled HDMI cable. Microsoft have released a video, presented by Larry Hyrb (Major Nelson) of him unboxing the system and all the little bits and bobs included. Xbox One will launch sometime in November.

E3 2013: Crimson Dragon is coming to Xbox One

It was quite some time ago that Crimson Dragon was announced and coming to Xbox 360 with Kinect but as we found out at the Microsoft press conference, it is now coming exclusively to Xbox One and has dropped the Kinect functionality. View the announcement trailer below and enjoy.

All you need to know about the Xbox One

Today, Microsoft finally unveiled their newest “gaming” console called Xbox One. Their reason why I put that in those marks is because during the presser, it was never called that once. Still, there were a few interesting pieces of information dropped. First off, the presser was very light on games because it was aimed at a wide audience to get as many people interested in the system a...[Read More]

Rumour: Next Xbox to cost $500

For some reason, Microsoft are staying tight-lipped on their next console while developers are openly talking about PlayStation 4 and letting it build momentum without any resistance. That isn’t to say that’s it’s been completely quiet regarding Microsoft’s next console. Reports have been flying about an always-on internet connection is required as well as a Kinect included...[Read More]

Microsoft unveils Illumiroom, could be the next Xbox’s selling point

During CES this week, Microsoft released a video showing off something called Illumiroom. It sounds like some integrated thing for Windows 8 but you’d be wrong, very wrong. Instead, what Illumiroom does is project the game beyond just your television screen to create immersion fat beyond any technology released yet. The Illumiroom while show the game off-screen and bring you further into wha...[Read More]

New Xbox rumours gain momentum as countdown to E3 begins

For over a year now, people have been gathering speculation about the next generation of systems, always believing it’s just around the corner. But now finally, thanks t a simple blog post from Xbox’s Major Nelson, it seems as though the countdown to the next Xbox is officially underway. The blog post simply features a countdown to June 11th and it simply saying: “And it’s ...[Read More]

Save the date: Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Co-op Event in Dublin

Save the date Ghost Recon fans in Dublin: May 27th. Ubisoft is hosting a tournament for four player teams to take on Guerilla Mode on Elite difficulty for 20 minutes. People who attend can also try out the single-player. The winners of the tournament is promised a fantastic prize. Ubisoft, Microsoft and Gioteck prizes are also promised for those that attend too. There are no concrete details yet b...[Read More]

New Xbox 360 Dashboard arriving next month

  The new Metro styled dashboard will be coming out next month, on December 6th. The new dashboard will fit in line with the new of the Windows Phone and Windows 8 Operating System. Not only does it change the look of the dashboard but it also brings new Kinect features and apps. Possibly the most important non-aesthetic feature in the update is the inclusion of cloud saving for Xbox Live Mem...[Read More]

“The Kinect Effect” celebrates Kinect’s one year anniversary

Selling more than 10 million units and entering the Guiness Book of World Records, Kinect has been a huge success for Microsoft and Xbox. Whether you love the product or not, it has been innovated more outside of gaming than it has in gaming. This video shows off the true potential Kinect has in our world today, not just gaming. Kinect is being used to help people in ways Microsoft could never eve...[Read More]

GamesCom: All the big news in bulletpoints – Microsoft

GamesCom may be seen as E3 lite or just another time for the big companies re-show everything they did in June. This year however, Cologne, Germany saw many exciting things, release dates announced and even new games revealed. Microsoft was no exception with them showing off the big hitters like Gears of War 3, Halo: Anniversary Edition and Forza 4, but they also focused on Kinect and Windows Phon...[Read More]

Top 10 best selling Xbox Live Arcade games so far this year

  It has been a record year for Microsoft with their Arcade downloads. The service has grown percent yea-over-year and has reportedly made $66.2 million. 18 arcade titles managed to break $1 million in sales, which is a record for Microsoft. Here are the top 10 selling arcade games of the year so far: 01. Full House Poker (Microsoft) – 268,000 Units / $2.7 million 02. Torchlight (Runic)...[Read More]

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