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Watch the Microsoft press conference here

  E3 is here again and right here is all you need to view what will be coming to the Xbox One in the next 18 months. The press conference is set to begin at 5:30 pm so grab some snacks and hope you all enjoy being part of the Christmas for the gamers!

New Head of Xbox announced

Following on from Marc Whitten leaving in the last few weeks, there were concerns as to who may take over as head of Xbox. Today, those fears may have been squashed as it was revealed that Phil Spencer will be taking the reigns as the Head of Xbox.

65 more developers announced for ID@Xbox program

Microsoft announced their ID@Xbox program last year during their changes to many policies. The first wave of developers that signed up to the program were announced in December and as the first few of them have had their games enter certification, Microsoft have released an even bigger, possibly more impressive list of developers that are now part of the program also. Regarding the situation, Chri...[Read More]

TitanFall bundle official, coming March 14th

After what seems like months of rumours, Microsoft have finally lifted the lid on a limited edition TitanFall Xbox One. There were images swirling online regarding this limited edition bundle a few weeks ago with custom art on the system. Now, following the reveal, that seems to be a fallacy. The console is the exact same one available now. What may draw your attention in is the goodies on offered...[Read More]

February’s Games with Gold now live

Microsoft have announced the two free games that will be available during February. Starting on February 1st to 15th, those who have Xbox Live Gold subscriptions can download Techland’s Dead Island. The game released in 2011 to massive success and above-par reviews. From February 16th to 28th, players can download Toy Soldiers: Cold War, a wave-based shooter from Signal Studios. What do you ...[Read More]

Xbox One costs $471 to make

Research firm IHS has given the Xbox One the teardown treatment and has come to the conclusion that system costs $471 to make. This means that it actually costs $90 more than the PlayStation 4 to make which was estimated to cost $381. Kinect apparently costs $75 to make, making it $11 more expansive than the original connect, but the software seems to be much more advanced, while the Blu-Ray drive...[Read More]

Rumour: Microsoft making a Ryse web series

Microsoft may be bridging TV and video games with another one of their IP: Ryse. An advertisement has appeared over the weekend on the Xbox website stating that a Ryse web series may be hitting soon. Microsoft have yet to say anything regarding the situation but this would be following Halo and Remedy’s Quantum Break. Would you watch a Ryse web series?

Dead Rising 3 trailer promises craziness and happiness

Microsoft and Capcom Vancouver have released a short trailer for Dead Rising 3 that seems like it will be the TV spot for the game coming up to release. The trailer shows protagonist Nick Ramos lay waste to zombies while “Happy Together” plays through the ad. It’s definitely trying to reinforce that you should not take this game so seriously but the visual design definitely says ...[Read More]

Race The Stig. . . kinda in Forza Motorsport 5

Some say he plays Forza Motorsport 5 on a PlayStation 4 but Top Gear have announced that you can race The Stig’s digital cousin in Forza Motorsport 5. Along with the Top Gear race track once again featuring in Forza 5, you can now race against The Stig in the game. Dan Greenawalt, creative director on “Forza Motorsport 5”, said “The partnership between Forza Motorsport and Top Gear has featu...[Read More]

Microsoft show off friend and follow app on Xbox One

Running up to the release of the new systems, Microsoft are starting to really show off the interface and the social side of the system. Xbox Live’s Major Nelson walks up through the friends app on Xbox One in a recent video. Featuring a Twitter-like follower system, you can follow celebrities or pro gamers once you know their gamertag and it then gives them the option to follow back and bec...[Read More]

Rumour: Every European Xbox One to come with FIFA 14?

There is a rumour swirling around the interwebs today stating that FIFA 14 may be bundled with all Xbox Ones. The rumours began when CVG got word that a major third-party game will be bundled with the Xbox One which has then manifested into that game being FIFA 14. MCV have already published a story stating that FIFA may be bundled with Xbox One. This is an obvious plan to reduce the gap in price ...[Read More]

Forza Motorsport 5 Day-One and Limited Editions detailed

Microsoft have divulged details on what extra little goodies you can expect in your special editions of Forza Motorsport 5 when the release this November. In the Limited Edition, you can expect the following digital goodies: This five-car pack features new cars that are already destined for legendary status. Each car in the “Forza Motorsport 5” Limited Edition Car Pack will feature a Limited Editi...[Read More]

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