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Microsoft Studios

E3 2014: Killer Instinct Season 2 trailer

Microsoft have released a brand new trailer showing off season two for their next-gen fighting game: Killer Instinct.

Ryse: Son of Rome – Mars Chosen Pack now available

Microsoft and Crytek have released the second DLC pack for Ryse: Son of Rome. The new pack called “Mars Chosen Pack” gives you access to five new maps, a new skin, and most importantly, a new mode: survival. The new modes sees you take on waves of enemies until your health is depleted. This may be a breath of fresh air for those who play the game online as matches are usually too short...[Read More]

Free track released for Forza Motorsport 5

Following record-setting sales of Forza Motorsport 5, Microsoft have announced that a free track has been released for Forza Motorsport 5. The free track in question is series favourite Road of America. The track will be fully integrated into the game’s career events so no need to set up your own race in order to drive on it. Microsoft have also announced that Forza MotorSport 5 is Xbox̵...[Read More]

Ryse: Son of Rome discounted, new DLC release date announced

Microsoft have went and announced a few different things regarding Ryse: Son of Rome today. First off, the game will be discounted down from it’s original price to 49.99 on the Xbox store. There will be further discounts regarding Ryse: Son of Rome from February 25th to 27th that will be delivered by Xbox Live’s Major Nelson via Twitter. The next announcement is regarding its next piec...[Read More]

Dead Rising 3 ships 1 million copies

In an announcement released by the publisher, Dead Rising 3 shipped a million copies by the end of 2013, which means it looks like the game will meet initial targets made by Capcom. Capcom originally stated the target for Dead Rising 3 sales would be 1.2 million copies shipped by March 31st 2014 and it looks like its going to do that quite comfortably. The news came out just as the first DLC episo...[Read More]

Large patch incoming for Dead Rising 3

A rather large patch clocking in at 13 GB is incoming for Capcom Vancouver’s Dead Rising 3. The reason behind this is to prepare the game for it’s season of DLC starting with Operation Broken Eagle which is scheduled to release on January 21st. Operation Broken Eagle will put players in control of Spec Ops Commander Adam Kane, who is on a mission to capture the missing president of the...[Read More]

Review: Max: The Curse of Brotherhood

Diversity is the word the seemed to define the Xbox One launch line-up; It essentially had everything that every type of gamer would enjoy. There was one genre that was not utilised on launch day and that was 2D platformer of puzzle games. That’s when Press Play come into play. Following up on the hit of Max and the Magic Marker, the team have gone bigger than ever and have decided to tackle the n...[Read More]

Fable Anniversary goes gold

It was originally supposed to release late last year but Lionhead have announced that Fable Anniversary has finally gone gold and will officially release on February 4th. Fable Anniversary is the entire first game remastered with a lot more assets on screen at once. This will be a great trip down memory lane for players of the original as well as a nice introduction to those that never got the cha...[Read More]

Review: Lococycle

Twisted Pixel are a different type of developer. A group of just a few people that have created some of the biggest and most fun downloadable games over the last few years including ‘Splosion Man, The Maw, and the surprisingly gun Gunstringer. Now, Twisted Pixel are gracing Xbox One at launch with Lococycle. Do they still have the great writing and gameplay in tow in order to create another hit fo...[Read More]

Ryse: Son of Rome gets free and paid DLC

Microsoft Studios and developers Crytek have released new free and paid DLC for the Xbox One exclusive Ryse: Son of Rome. The free update adds two events to the multiplayer mode. The first one is a new enemy turret that shoots you down while the other one is deity statues that offers a one-time boost to your gladiator’s health or focus. On the paid DLC front is the colleseum pack with two ne...[Read More]

Fable: Anniversary release date announced

Lionhead Studios and Microsoft Studios have announced a release date for Fable: Anniversary, a HD remastering of the 2004 RPG hit. For those that decide to pick up the limited-run box at launch will receive a code that allows them to download a bunch costumes and weapons. These are: Scythe’s Outfit Black Graduate Outfit Red Prophet Outfit Blue Guard Outfit Red Guard Outfit Lute Weapon Will User’s ...[Read More]

Review: Dead Rising 3

With the trends of the last few years, it’d be weird if a new console came out without any zombies. Thankfully Capcom Vancouver has come along to fill the zombie void with Dead Rising 3. Taking the game series to a new city, with a new character, and a new look, does Dead Rising 3 make the transition to next-gen well or is it shambling like the zombies inside? Dead Rising 3 takes place is the city...[Read More]

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