Review: Diablo III: Reaper of Souls

Blizzard have been on the receiving end of hate being sent their way ever since Diablo III launched in May 2012. From the always online, to the real money auction house, fans have felt as though Blizzard forgot about what makes Diablo great. To their credit though, they haven’t been ignoring their fans, or their criticisms. Over the past two years, the team have been tweaking everything to m...[Read More]

Review: inFAMOUS Second Son

Superpowers and building leaping is afoot in Seattle thanks to inFAMOUS Second Son, the first PlayStation 4 title from Sucker Punch Productions. The game features, for the first time, a real city instead of a fictional one inspired by real locations. With a real location and a brand new protagonist on a brand new system, inFAMOUS Second Son has a lot to prove with its transitions. While there are ...[Read More]

Review: Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD

There was a time when a developer called SqaureSoft dominated the world their Japanese Role Playing Games. It may be hard for a newer audience to believe that once, it was JRPGs that were fasr superior than the western ones but it happened. Unfortunately, in recent years, Japanese developers and publishers have felt the need to make their games more westernised in order to appeal to the western au...[Read More]

Xbox One launching in 26 countries in September

Microsoft released the Xbox One on November 22nd but only to 13 countries but that list will expand greatly starting September this year. PlayStation 4 has been selling in much larger quantities but the system is now available in over 50 countries. This has allowed Sony to gain much more ground than their largest competitors. Now Microsoft will be glad to try make up some ground starting in Septem...[Read More]

Review: Rayman Legends

It’s funny just how far along Rayman Legends has come since its announcement. Originally slated for a Wii U exclusive that was scheduled to release last March, the game was pushed back for release on more systems due to poor Wii U sales. It eventually released last year for Wii U as well as last-gen consoles, PC, and PlayStation Vita. That wasn’t enough though as Rayman Legends have gone next-gen....[Read More]

Review: Pants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare

It’s the age-old question children always ask: Who would win in a fight between zombies and plants. It’s just me that thought that isn’t it? Well, Popcap answered that little ginger weirdo’s thoughts and created the Plants vs. Zombies games. The top-down tower-defence game was a massive success for the company spawning a sequel but one genre we never thought the series would go is into the shooter...[Read More]

Review: LEGO Movie Video Game

Movie tie-in games are always a dodgy scenario. The developers never seem to get access to the story and assets until, at times, just a few months before release of the movie. This leads to a game being rushed throughout its development and, in turn, is generic, boring, and sometimes just broken. Thankfully for the LEGO movie, there has been a whole series of games being made with LEGO in establis...[Read More]

65 more developers announced for ID@Xbox program

Microsoft announced their ID@Xbox program last year during their changes to many policies. The first wave of developers that signed up to the program were announced in December and as the first few of them have had their games enter certification, Microsoft have released an even bigger, possibly more impressive list of developers that are now part of the program also. Regarding the situation, Chri...[Read More]

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