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Focus Home Interactive

Mars War Logs, a hero hunted down screenshots

Focus Home Interactive have release new screenshots of its upcoming cyberpunk on Mars RPG Mars War Logs. You can find the newest screenshots below. Focus Home Interactive have also announced a release window for the game on multiple platforms. You can get your hands on Mars War Logs on PC in May and Q3 2013 on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. We can also notice on these screenshots another important ch...[Read More]

Mars War Logs website launches with new screens

Focus Home Interactive have officially launched the website for upcoming downloadable title Mars War Logs with some nice new screens to gawk at. The game is coming to XBLA, PSN, and PC this Spring and looks rather interesting indeed. In the past few weeks, we presented parts of Mars War Logs with screenshots and videos showing its combat system and some of its story and locations. On the official ...[Read More]

Review: Of Orcs and Men

Every year there seems to be RPGs of some form hitting around the holiday season. A game that people can get for Christmas or just over the winter to sit in from the cold and just get lost in the world, story and characters. This year however all the big RPGs are either sitting this one out or the development studios are in between games or the RPG series has seen a spin-off on-the-rails Kinect ga...[Read More]

Review: The Testament of Sherlock Holmes

The famed Victorian investigator is back for The Testament of Sherlock Holmes, the sixth game in the series of these games developed by Frogware. However the  newest game takes Sherlock and Watson on a much darker and grittier which not all fans may stomach. Is this new direction going to lead to a better game or will this case reach a dead end? The Testament of Sherlock Holmes brings the series t...[Read More]

Of Orcs and Men Buddy Trailer

Of Orcs and Men seem to be one of those games that not a lot of people know about and the ones that do are quite interested in seeing the full package. Today, Focus Home Interactive released a new trailer showing off the relationship between the two main characters. “Of Orcs and Men unveils a whole new kind of video with the Buddy Trailer. Just like the popular “Buddy Film” movie genre, whic...[Read More]

Review: Realms of Ancient War

If you feel a little left out while people are playing Diablo III and now Torchlight II on PC and you’re stuck with games like Dungeon Siege III on Xbox to tide you over in the loot-driven action Role Playing Games. Well thanks to Focus Entertainment, Realms of Ancient War hope to bring you some consolidation on the Xbox Live Marketplace. But does this game hold a candle to other loot driven...[Read More]

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