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New NHL 15 trailer looks spectacular

EA Sports have released a brand new trailer for NHL 15.

FIFA 15 Xbox One bundle announced

Microsoft and EA Sports have once again teamed up to give European football fans an Xbox One FIFA bundle.

EA Sports sign new deal with Premier League until 2019

EA Sports have announced a new deal which sees them be the official sports technology partner of the Premier League until 2019.

E3 2014: The new PGA Tour game features levolution, kind of

In one of the more interesting gameplay trailers at EA’s press conference, the new PGA Tour game looked like a really good looking golf simulation, until a battleship crashed into the island.

See EA Sports UFC Career Mode in action

EA Sports have released a brand new trailer highlighting how the career mode will function in EA Sports UFC.

Some 2014 FIFA World Cup Brasil screenshots to gawk at

EA  have released a  handful of screenshots showing off what will be a very colourful world cup, even if it’s lacking a bit of green. It’s not surprising that the game is coming but it is to know that its currently only scheduled for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 with no next-gen version in sight. 2014 FIFA World Cup Brasil will be available on April 18th on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Review: NBA Live 14

After being delayed for a couple of years right on the eve of its release, EA Sports have finally felt confident enough to finally let its baby go and release it into the wild and see how it fairs against one main competitor. After being in incubation for so long though, is NBA live 14 good enough to hold up against other next-gen games and NBA 2K14? NBA Live is the first basketball title from EA ...[Read More]

Video Review: NHL 14

Review: NHL 14

Before FIFA were making major strides and improvements, NHL was creating monumental shifts into making the series the best it possibly could be. Even though all the focus has been on FIFA, the NHL series has been consistently improving and NHL 14 continues that trend. With NHL 14 being the only EA Sports title from this holiday season to not see a next-gen version in the works, has enough care bee...[Read More]

Review: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13

It’s that time of the year again where we take to the greens for another iteration of Tiger Woods PGA Tour. If you have played the last year’s iteration or even mastered the last few years, then you’re in for a small revamp thanks to the new swing system. But for every brilliant decision that has really brought new life to the Tiger Woods series, EA have made some unforgivable decisions that dampe...[Read More]

Play As Wee Rory In New Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 Legacy Trailer

It must only feel like yesterday that Rory was exactly like he is in the newest trailer for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13. The newest trailer highlights the fantastic Rory McIlroy and despite being so young is one of the most prolific and like professional golfers around. Those of you wanting to get your hands on Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 can on March 30th.

Review: Grand Slam Tennis 2

  There are a lot of sports titles out there, most of them dominated by the EA Sports brand but one sport that is popular but not because of EA is tennis. Both Top Spin and Virtua Tennis have long held the pinnacle of the sport. EA have decided to re-enter the fray though and the result is a game that offers fun gameplay but little else.   As with a lot of EA Sports titles, the game util...[Read More]

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