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Digital Extremes

Warframe rated for Xbox One

Digital Extreme’s third-person free-to-play shooter Warfare is out on PC and PlayStation 4 but a recent rating on the PEGI website indicates that the game may now be coming to Xbox One. The developers said last year that they would love to bring Warfare to Xbox One, now it seems they may just do that now. The release date for the game on the website is 31/12/13 so even though that has come a...[Read More]

Review: The Darkness II

The Darkness has return to wreak havoc all around Jackie Estacado. The quad-wielding has returned, and with that a new comic book art style and a story that leaves you guessing the whole way through. Unfortunately the main campaign is relatively short but this is certainly a game where quality trumps quantity and slices you up in the process. Once again, you take the role of Jackie Estacado. After...[Read More]

The Darkness II Hatred Resurfaced Trailer

The original Darkness game released in 2007 and surprised everyone with great gameplay, well-told story and demon tentacles. Sarbreaze isn’t manning the gun for the sequel: Instead, Digital Extremes, who developed the multiplayer aspect of the original game, are the developers this time around. The Darkness II will be released later this year for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

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