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Resident Evil 1 REmake coming to current-gen, last-gen, and PC in 2015

Capcom have announced that a remake of the original Resident Evil is a thing and will be hitting in 2015.

Remember Me Developer Dontnod files for Bankrupcy

Dontnod, Paris-based developers of last year’s Remember Me have filed for “redressement judiciaire,” which is a French form of bankruptcy. The new developers have only developed one game, Remember me which released with publisher Capcom last May. It’s always sad to see a developer fall, especially a new one that had a flawed but honestly great game in Remember Me. The game ...[Read More]

TGS 2013: Dead Rising 3 co-op and ultra combo weapons detailed

Many people have been getting more and more excited about Dead Rising 3 as we see more of it. Things like the serious tone and frame rate seems to be things of the past as both worried seems to have been alleviated in recent showings. Now Capcom and Microsoft have lifted the lid on the co-op mode and the new ultra combo weapons. First off, the new co-op partner that will be joining Nick Ramos is c...[Read More]

Dead Rising 3 map revealed

Oh it seems like it’s a map frenzy this week as the map for Dead Rising 3 has been revealed. After the subsequent leak of Grand Theft Auto V’s map, an interview with the Financial Post has revealed the map of Dead Rising 3 and it’s comparison to the two previous games in the series. While it is certainly much bigger than the previous games, it may not be as impressively big as Ca...[Read More]

Deep Down is an online RPG, gets new trailer

First shown off at Sony’s PlayStation 4 reveal, Deep Down has been given a short teaser trailer ahead of its TGS unveiling next month. From this little trickle of information we have learned that the game is an online title coming to PlayStation 4 and possibly PC. There are now words on release date or what other platforms it may be released on.

New Dead Rising 3 vid-doc proves to show the fun remains

At last month’s E3, Microsoft announced that Dead Rising 3 will be coming exclusively to Xbox One. After a visually impressive E3 showing, fans started to feel slightly worried about the direction the series seems to be taking taking of cues from Call of Duty and The Walking Dead in its style and tone. Simply put: The fun was absent. Today, Capcom released a brand new video talking about Dea...[Read More]

E3 2013: Dead Rising 3 is an Xbox One Exclusive

One of the major partnerships at the Xbox One press conference was the one between Capcom and Microsoft with the announcement that Dead Rising 3 will be coming exclusively to Xbox One. It looks more gritty and realistic than previous titles and honestly looks amazing. Check out the gameplay video below to be very excited.

All the big announcements from the PlayStation 4 event

So it’s finally official: PlayStation 4 is coming. Instead of bombarding you last night with a dozen small articles, I’ve decided to compile them all into this post so you don’t have to go click through multiple pages. Ah sure it would lead to more page views on my side but it would just be a nuisance to readers so hope you enjoy it all below. The tech specs Sony didn’t tak...[Read More]

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate gets release date, new trailer

Monster Hunter is one of those games that has a small but devoted fan base in the west but a massive and even more passionate fanbase in Japan. It’s easily one of the biggest system selling franchises in Japan. Today Capcom announced that Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will drop on both 3DS and Wii U on March 22nd. Players who buy and own both versions can move their save back and forth so they c...[Read More]

Resident Evil: Revelations achievements leak out

Around this time last year, users of a Nintendo 3DS were enjoying a nice little title named Resident Evil Revelations that actually looked quite moody and brought some of the horror back to the franchise. Before Capcom have even made any announcements about the game coming to the home consoles, have released the complete achievement list equaling 1000g which means this is s...[Read More]

DmC: Devil May Cry CG trailer released

Oh it has been one rough road for Capcom, Ninja Theory and the “new” Dante, or Donte as some smart, smart people have decided to call him, but judgement day is almost upon the reboot of the highly popular, stylish hack n’ slash game. Capcom have released a CG trailer for the game that was doing the rounds in the cinema in the US recently. So all I will pose to you is: Why are peo...[Read More]

Dante’s twin brother Vergil returns for DmC reboot

Ninja Theory have had to go the long way around to convince fans of Devil May Cry that the reboot is in good hands. After many showings of the game I think people are finally starting to come around to the new game. At Gamescom, Capcom released a new trailer for Devil May Cry that reveals that Dante’s brother Vergil will be making an appearance. Expect Devil May Cry to finally release Januar...[Read More]

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