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Capcom Vancouver

Dead Rising 3: Chaos Rising DLC hitting tomorrow

Capcom Vancouver have announced that the third DLC episode for Dead Rising 3 will be hitting tomorrow. This DLC episode will be putting you in the body of insane tattooed biker gang leader, Hunter. You can get your hands on the DLC for 9.99 or 29.99 as part of the season pass. The season pass includes this episode as well as Operation Broken Eagle, Fallen Angel and The Last Agent.

Dead Rising 3 ships 1 million copies

In an announcement released by the publisher, Dead Rising 3 shipped a million copies by the end of 2013, which means it looks like the game will meet initial targets made by Capcom. Capcom originally stated the target for Dead Rising 3 sales would be 1.2 million copies shipped by March 31st 2014 and it looks like its going to do that quite comfortably. The news came out just as the first DLC episo...[Read More]

Large patch incoming for Dead Rising 3

A rather large patch clocking in at 13 GB is incoming for Capcom Vancouver’s Dead Rising 3. The reason behind this is to prepare the game for it’s season of DLC starting with Operation Broken Eagle which is scheduled to release on January 21st. Operation Broken Eagle will put players in control of Spec Ops Commander Adam Kane, who is on a mission to capture the missing president of the...[Read More]

Review: Dead Rising 3

With the trends of the last few years, it’d be weird if a new console came out without any zombies. Thankfully Capcom Vancouver has come along to fill the zombie void with Dead Rising 3. Taking the game series to a new city, with a new character, and a new look, does Dead Rising 3 make the transition to next-gen well or is it shambling like the zombies inside? Dead Rising 3 takes place is the city...[Read More]

Dead Rising 3 story trailer features zombies *gasp*

Microsoft have released the story trailer for upcoming zombie slaughterhouse simulator Dead Rising 3. The story of Dead Rising 3 follow Nick Ramos as he and a few survivors aim to get out of the city in one piece except Nick has been bitten and now must rely on Zombrex to keep him alive. Dead Rising 3 launches on November 22nd exclusively on Xbox One.

Dead Rising 3 Season Pass announced, new trailer drops

Is there a better way to celebrate Halloween than a zombie-filled Dead Rising 3 video. The video comes in with some information regarding the announcement of the Dead Rising 3 season pass. The pass will be priced at 29.99 and feature four DLC packs with a saving of 25%. The four packs are titled: Pack 1: “Dead Rising 3: Operation Broken Eagle” ·         Pack 2: “Dead Rising 3: Fallen Angel” ·     ...[Read More]

Dead Rising 3 trailer promises craziness and happiness

Microsoft and Capcom Vancouver have released a short trailer for Dead Rising 3 that seems like it will be the TV spot for the game coming up to release. The trailer shows protagonist Nick Ramos lay waste to zombies while “Happy Together” plays through the ad. It’s definitely trying to reinforce that you should not take this game so seriously but the visual design definitely says ...[Read More]

TGS 2013: Dead Rising 3 co-op and ultra combo weapons detailed

Many people have been getting more and more excited about Dead Rising 3 as we see more of it. Things like the serious tone and frame rate seems to be things of the past as both worried seems to have been alleviated in recent showings. Now Capcom and Microsoft have lifted the lid on the co-op mode and the new ultra combo weapons. First off, the new co-op partner that will be joining Nick Ramos is c...[Read More]

New Dead Rising 3 trailer is explosive and over-the-top

So I think it’s official that both Capcom Vancouver and Microsoft undersold Dead Rising 3 at E3. They simply made the game look dull and uninspired; two videos later however and things are looking a little better – for you though not the zombies. The newest trailer introduces you to another new character, Annie, as well and a steam-roller motorcycle. Yep. The game is really starting to...[Read More]

Dead Rising 2 dev working on two open world IPs

Capcom Vancouver, the developer of dead Rising 2 and other add-ons Case Zero and Case West is currently working on two new open world IPs. One of the game’s is rumoured to be Dead Rising two and it will be set in California, or a place inspired by California. There have been rumours too that the game will  be either centred around a mechanic named Rick or it may return to franchise favourite...[Read More]

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