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2K Games.

Entire WWE 2K16 roster revealed

2K Games have finally revealed every WWE Superstar that will feature in WWE 2K16.

Battleborn release date announced

2K Games have announced a release date for their upcoming MOBA-esque shooter Battleborn.

Mafia III announced, reveal coming August 5th

2K Games have finally lifted the lid on one of the worst kept secrets: Mafia III.

Evolve beta hitting Xbox One in January

Announced at E3, Evolve will be getting an exclusive beta only on Xbox One. Today, a month has been set for that same beta.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel announced, coming this year

After some leaks happening earlier this week, 2K Games and Borderlands have officially announced Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel which will be hitting Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

Irrational Games shutting down, Levine starting smaller “endeavor”

It’s never good news to hear a studio shrinking its team but when its one with as high a profile as Irrational Games, it stings that little bit more. Today, studio head Ken Levine has announced that he is “winding down” all but around 15 people at Irrational to move the studio is a smaller, more core-driven direction. In an open letter, Levine broke the news stating that he is re...[Read More]

See Evolve in action in this gameplay trailer

2K Games and developers Turtle Rock Studios have finally shown their new game Evolve to the world and it’s looking as good as it sounded a couple of weeks ago. For those that may not know, Evolve is a 4 v 1 multiplayer game from the people that brought you Left 4 Dead. In the game, a team of four very distinct classes must hunt down and kill a monster. That monster is being controlled by a f...[Read More]

Borderlands 2 on PS Vita gets release date

Last year, it was announced that Borderlands 2 would be coming to the PlayStation Vita in 2014. From then, very little was said to the point that we still have yet to see the game running on the system. Still, the news was announced on 2K’s Twitter page stating that the game will be coming to the system on March 18th. No other details was given regarding price or even how the game runs but I...[Read More]

Bioshock Infinite Burial at Sea Episode 1 dated

2K Games and Irration have announced a release date for the first episode of their DLC story arc titled Burial at Sea. Burial at Sea takes place in Rapture the day before the revolution begun. The game once again features Elizabeth and Booker but each different in character as Elizabeth asks for Booker’s help in finding a young girl. Bioshock Infinite Burial at Sea Episode 1 launches on Nove...[Read More]

Borderlands 2 announced for PlayStation Vita

Sony have announced that Borderlands 2 will be hitting it’s powerful but lacking handheld. During the Sony press conference today in Cologne, Germany, Sony announced a bevy of upcoming games for the PlayStation Vita but one standout title is Gearbox’s Borderlands 2. There are no concrete details or release dates right now but having a really popular game like Borderlands 2 can only be ...[Read More]

Two Bioshock Infinte DLCs announed – going back to Rapture

2K and Irrational games have released trailers and details for the first two DLCs coming to Bioshock Infinite called “Clash in the Clouds”, and “Burial at Sea”. The first of the two packs, Clash in The Clouds sees you take on waves of enemies on four maps. You can easily call it Horde mode in the sky. That DLC pack is actually available today for just a five or 400 Microsof...[Read More]

Bioshock Infinite season pass annoucned

2K Games and Irrational Games have announced a season pass for it’s upcoming, and possible masterpiece, Bioshock Infinite. The season pass will include access to three add-on packs that promise to provide “hours” of gameplay. those who purchase the BioShock Infinite Season Pass will also receive the Early Bird Special Pack for free. This pack contains four pieces of exclusive gea...[Read More]

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