Star Wars Battlefront Review

The biggest movie of the year is almost upon us and accompanying that a month earlier is one of the most anticipated games of the year, It’s been a decade but Star Wars Battlefront is back boy does it look good. It’s actually surprising just how good this game looks but how does it play? Really well actually. So why am I not saying that this is the best thing ever? Well, if you play a little bit here and there, Star Wars Battlefront is one of the best experiences ever but play it for a few hours at a time regularly and the sheen wears off pretty quickly.

Stars Wars Battlefront is the first game in a very long time when you first start playing you can’t but get giddy with excitement. It looks incredible and playing the game finally gives you the feeling of those massive battles from the original trilogy. For the first couple of hours I was smiling from ear to ear as blasters pewed past, x-wings wizzed by, and the iconic music played throughout the match. For a fan, this is the perfect game, provided you only play it for less than an hour at a time.

The game is brought to you by the team behind Battlefield but don’t expect the depth or complexity of a Battlefield title. The weapons for a start don’t have enough variety and the variety comes from the card which you unlock and apply to your character. Over the course of unlocking everything, you will have three cards which range from different grenade types, more powerful weapons, and more that all operate on a cooldown.

There’s a feeling that skill is not something that is rewarded and what is rewarded is luck. You can become one of six iconic characters form the series in some game modes but it’s a pickup on the field. The only other real time you can be a hero is in the Heroes vs. Villians mode which pits 6 v 6 and three on each team play as these characters. The problem is that these heroes and villians just aren’t fun to play. The biggest disappointment is that Luke Skywalker and Darth Vadar, the two lightsabre characters are not fun to control and the lightsaber play just doesn’t feel smooth.

star wars battlefrontOne thing you won’t run out of are game modes as; However, so many of them are very forgettable and not worth coming back to. The two main modes you will probably stay on is Supremacy and Walker Assault. While Walker Assault feels epic, there are only four maps on which they take place on which means after a couple of hours, the fun starts to diminish. Supremacy is the standard Battlefield mode where you push and pull by taking over bases on the map. It’s a lot of fun but not as fun as Battlefield 4’s version.

The longevity of the game came to my mind after less than a dozen hours. Don’t get me wrong, 12 hours is a long time to some but for a pretty much multiplayer only game, this just isn’t enough for the price of admission. This feels like it will finally have enough content to keep you invested in if you buy the €50 season but that makes the price of the game a fair bit over €100 and that’s a lot to feel like you finally get the full experience.

There is no single player campaign and to rectify that, there are a set of missions which can be completed alone or with one other person. This ranges from just killing A.I. enemies and collecting the tokens they drop to taking on waves on enemies, completing objectives every few waves. It’s more of a distraction for a short while rather than being a worthwhile mode to divulge into.

Star Wars Battlefront is stunning to look at and, in small bursts, is one of the best games you’ll play all year. However, play it like a full proper game, and you may feel like you’ll be done with it rather quickly. The shooting works well, even if it remains shallow. For a fan of Star Wars, it’s almost essential but for those that want a compelling progression will have to look elsewhere.


  • Captures he movies' spectacle
  • Visually impressive


  • No real progression
  • Not enough to keep you invested


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