Star Trek: Bridge Crew Review

Virtual Reality, despite many failed attempts in the past is still in its infancy but certain games are already moving beyond the initial experiments within VR. While most games still feel great in terms of shooting galleries and narrative-based games, Ubisoft are going to another level already with their games, experimenting in a way no other company is in VR. While Star Trek Bridge can fall into slightly repetitive gameplay, it is exactly what fans of the franchise wants in a a VR game, and in turn, makes it one of the best VR experiences available right now.

In Star Trek Bridge Crew, you can be one of four players on the bridge of a new ship called the Aegis. The four roles are: The Captain, the Engineer, the Helmsman, and the Tactical Officer. Each role has their own unique screen at their station, highlighting different aspects of the ship.

The campaign can be played alone or with up to three other friends and features 5 main stories missions that will take 3-4 hours to complete. For a fan of Star Trek, this is everything you’d ever want as a Commander of a Ship in Star Trek. Sitting on the bridge with some friends as everything goes wrong brings some excellent and funny talking moments once the headset comes off.  While the campaign isn’t particularly long, it definitely feels like an excellent starting point to a new direction of virtual reality games.

Looking around the bridge looks great as everything on the interior looks excellent. Character models look pretty good too but the exterior and enemy ships lack the same detail making the combat sequences feel a little underwhelming which is especially disappointing given by the fact that you will spend most of the game in combat scenarios against Klingons.

The options available to the combat screen makes the game look like it could offer some depth to the combat but unfortunately the game never challenges you in any significant way in that sense. You are given a bunch of options on the screen but you never really need to monitor many of them which ultimately gives a sense of underutilisation.

Star Trek Bridge Crew is an excellent introduction to this style of VR game. It lacks in content and depth but Bridge Crew also feels like this is the first entry into a series of VR games that will expand upon all aspects in the future. Even if you’re not a fan of Star Trek, the core gameplay structures and social interactions make Star Trek Bridge Crew feel like one of the most enjoyable and complete VR games currently available.


  • Simplistic but fun gameplay controls
  • Multiplayer is so much fun
  • Excellent first entry into the genre


  • Lacks gameplay depth
  • Not as fun on your own


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