ScreamRide Review

Fun is important in video games. In so many games we are told to immerse ourselves in a world and be captivated by a protagonist. That isn’t always what you may be in the mood for. ScreamRide is silly, and sometimes that’s all you may want. It may not have a ton of content or a hook to keep you returning, but the fun had within the hours you will be playing for is enough to pique your interests.

ScreamRide basically breaks down to three smaller games. Engineer, Screamrider, and Demolition Expert. ScreamRider is best compared to something like the Trials series. You control a rollercoaster (on rails of course) and you must speed up, turn into corners, press a button at the right time and the aim is to rack up as high as score as possible. Being risky like turning against a corner and going on two wheels but you run the risk of derailing your coaster.

It feels like Trials in the sense that you’ll fail, get used to the track and how to improve, implement and then in the end get a better score. It’s fun but it gives you much less control compared to Trials. It’s fun for a while but runs its course by the time you reach the end of all the levels which doesn’t take incredibly long.

screamride-1424100791559_1920x1080Thankfully, there are plenty of other things to do in ScreamRide. Demolition Expert is once again reminiscent of another game: Angry Birds. You use capsules and fling them at buildings to destroy them. The level of destruction is honestly rather impressive and is possibly the mode that will get you to sink the most time into. Replayability is really high and some of the bonus objectives will make you keep coming back and trying the level again, with completely different approaches.

Engineer mode is quite disappointing though as all you have to do is build most of a track and obtain certain objectives. The restrictive nature of the mode however hold back the fun of creating your own rollercoasters and it just becomes an exercise of patience as you try to do what the objectives say.

There is a sandbox mode the will allow the player to build the rollercoaster they want to with the desired destruction also that is rather fun but will probably not hold your attention very long.

And it’s that length of attention that is the biggest worry about ScreamRide. I had a lot of fun playing the title, but I was also happy to set it aside to write the review as I knew I had my fill. It was a number of hours I thoroughly enjoyed but it’s also something I may not be going back to again for a while, if at all. The time I had was great fun but nothing’s going to keep you there for a long time.


  • Fun, quick gameplay modes
  • The destructioon can be rather impressive


  • Depth to gameplay is lacking
  • Isn't a lot of content for the asking price


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