Risen 3: Titan Lords Risen 3: Titan Lords Review

Risen 3 is a game that has a flaw everywhere you look. When adventuring throughout the number of locations, no matter what kind of adventuring you’ll be doing, yo may be getting frustrated no matter what. It’s the type of game that could be dismissed in a matter of minutes for the jaded crowd. It’d be unfortunate however as Risen 3: Titan Lords, despite it’s flaws, offers an adventure – One that spans many locations, characters, and scenarios that make it hard to not see it through.

If you have had any anticipation for Risen 3: Titan Lords, then you know the developer’s pedigree. This is the same stuff you’ll find in Risen 3. It has all the cliché and tropes associated with role playing games and pirate adventures: foul-mouthed drunks, busty bar maids, islands, treasure, priestesses, voodoo, and anything else that you can think of in those genres. It’s how everything comes together that makes Titan Lords actually enjoyable.

There is one major flaw that couldn’t be easily forgotten: The combat. While its your standard action RPG affair, there are a couple of things that can make it quite frustrating. One of the major mechanics of the combat is the combo system where if you attack just as your previous one lands, you will attack much quicker, stopping the enemy from countering. There were time when the enemy simply didnt’ react to it and attack right away and caught my character is a routine of lunging attacks I couldn’t make to my feet for some time. When I finally got a window to dodge, most of my health had been taken away.

risen-3_1-1This ability to abuse the combat system can be done by human controlled characters too so combat stops being a dance it could have been and simply becomes a cheap afterthought. While blocking seems to be something the game wanted you to focus on, dodging is much more effect and becomes part of exploiting the game.

Apart from the combat though, which is still an improvement on previous titles in the series, the rest of the game is rather enjoyable. The aspect that is most enjoyable is the open nature of exploring the world. The islands you explore are the same found in Risen 2 although things just feel different as the pirate aesthetic has diminished and has returned to a more traditional fantasy setting.

Quests are given by almost every NPC you decide to talk to. Trying to capture a more old-school feel, main and side-quests are given but without a holding your hand from point to point. It requires some ready and following of the story in order to understand what must be done sometimes. While this is welcomed, the sheer amount of quests that you can have at any one time can be slightly confusing at the user interface isn’t the easiest to understand.

Risen 3: Titan Lords may be the last of its kind: A lower budget role playing game that remembers what made the genre popular in the first place. It’s a game muddled by flaws but oozes the same charm that made me fall in love with the genre in the first place.


  • Huge world to explore form the beginning
  • Doesn't hold your hand
  • Some nice looking vistas


  • Awkward gameplay
  • Some terrible dialogue


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