Review: Unit 13

Review: Unit 13

Although just missing the launch date, Zipper Interactive’s Unit 13 is here to bring some tactical shooting our way. With the quick pick up and play mindset, does Unit 13 fail to deliver or is this one operation worth completing?

Simply put, Unit 13 is a third person tactical shooter spread across 36 different missions that require you to kill everyone in sight, or do so stealthily, or complete a wide variety of objectives and in the meantime rack up the best score possible. This may sound too straight forward to be intruiging but once you get into the game, you will find it hard to find a core title more engaging and addicting than Unit 13.

As a massive fan of tactical shooters, I was weary of the direction of the Vita and this title in particular but it isn’t long before you realise that this game capitolises upon all the tropes that make core tactical shooters. You must at all times be aware of you map, and where your enemies are. One false move will send a bunch of enemies your way and they are not shy about flanking you while sticking to cover. A couple of shots and you’re done.

Depending on the mode, you will either have to be fast or careful with one of the modes in particular not even giving you checkpoints or regenerating health. This will really test your strategy and efficiency when tackling sometimes waves of enemies. You must also be aware of security cameras and mines on the ground so that you do not set one of them off.

Each mission can be tackled but a few different characters, each with their own weapon of choice and stats. This means certain characters are better than others when approaching certain missions. At the end of a mission you are given a score depending on how fast you were, your accuracy as well as your actions throughout the mission. This score goes towards the character you used and allows them to level up.

The 36 missions will have some really challenging gameplay but is perfect for gaming on the go. On top of that, if you are connected to the internet, you can take on any of the missions with another player and making your mission look even better when you work together to take everyone out without anybody noticing you’ve been there.

The game is also surprisingly addicting because of the score system. Sometimes when you feel like you’ve done well in a mission but are then met with a 3 out of 5 star rating, it just warrants another go to improve your score. You also get notifications about your friends scores too, leading to another level of competitiveness.

The gameplay feels great and the vast selection of weapons really give the sense of choice. Each mission is an open map with experimenting sometimes being the best bet to completing a mission. Because the missions are short, you don’t really get a feel for the story and to be honest the gameplay is so solid, it really shouldn’t matter.

Although Unit 13 missed the launch line-up, it deserves to be released on its on because it genuinely stand out. It does still feel like a launch title, but a damn strong one at that. Unit 13 is possibly the best Vita game available right now. It has the potential to really open the doors to what’s possible in terms of core shooting games on the Vita in the future.

Score: 8/10

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