Review: Terraria (Vita)

Review: Terraria (Vita)


Some games have a better home on one platform compared to others. Since Terraria and PlayStation Vita have been together in the gaming world, people were saying it’s a match made in tiny block heaven. With its simplistic deceptiveness, Terraria is the perfect game for both pick up and play and diving deep into with dozens of hours of content. How does Terraria fare on PlayStation Vita?

The game seems simple, you enter a 2D block world with nothing but a couple of tools and a guide. From taking hints from this guide, as well as your willingness to explore, you are left to your devices and understand the world  and what there is to uncover.

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Without any force direction, you are tasked with digging and traversing underground to look for heart stones as well as many other things like venture into hell and improve your equipment and weapons as well as find strongholds to find decorations and items for your house.

The game features a housing system to house you and a whole host of different people that will help you along the way. From doctors to different types of merchants, meeting certain criteria will result in certain people of interest to join you. You must build a house for them first which can be built by chopping down trees and mining your surroundings.

Terraria is a difficult beast too, at least at first it is. Straying too far from your starting point and you’ll be sure to face trouble pretty quickly. As you venture out further, enemies become stronger and can take you down in just a hit or two. Before moving on, it is worth venturing down a bit for health stones, upgrading weapons and more.


Terraria’s combat is simple but its delivery in terms of progress is incredibly engrossing. You can easily spend dozens of hours taking out eater or worlds, eyes of Cthulu, and more and still have so much left to see in this world. You can easily spend hours just trying to reach the bottom of the world. Dying is common and depending on difficulty, you could lose just money, to items, to your character entirely.

All of these components are excellent when blended together; what makes it extra special though is just how easy the game is to pick up and play. I’ve picked up the Vita while waiting for a multiplayer match to take place on my console to dig a little deeper as well as expanding my housing when cooking the dinner; it’s that ease of entry that makes it so captivating to just keep playing. It’s possibly the best game that will take up a lot of time on your Vita since Persona 4 Golden. This could actually take over 100 hours just to see and do everything and for its asking price, it’s worth every single cent.


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