Review: Spelunky (PlayStation Vita)

Review: Spelunky (PlayStation Vita)

spelunky screenshot 4It ain’t easy being a spelunker. Death is surrounding you at every turn, drop, and encounter. It takes skill and determination to find your way through these perilous cave systems and you are the only guy that can do it; unless you’re on a PlayStation 3, then another three friends can join you on your adventures. Yes, Spelunky is finally here on Sony’s platforms and while it may suffer from some minor technical issues, it is still a great game, enhanced when playing on that lovely little handheld the PlayStation Vita.

If you haven’t ever played Spelunky, the premise is simple: You must find the exit to each level picking up jewels and gold as you go along. This sounds dull and repetitive right away but when thrown into completely random levels each and every time, it’s very hard to pull yourself away from.

spelunky screenshot2

Oh, did I mention how difficult this game is. Once you die, you much start from the beginning all over again unless you have unlocked the shortcut system which may take a little while to have at your disposal. At the time of writing my death toll is literally in the hundreds and I have had my life span from well over ten minutes to literally less than five seconds.

You must be quick and decisive to survive and remain alive. One half-thought move could easily leave you in a nest of spiders and landing on a spike. As you progress through the game and enter new environments, there will always be new dangers awaiting you,  all that could take your life in a split-second.

spelunky screenshot1

When you begin the game, you have four bombs and four ropes to blow up walls around you and reach higher areas that you would not be able to jump up to buy yourself. As you progress through though, you can obtain more of each but you can also pick up a variety of different items that can be dropped by certain enemies or by buying them in the shops randomly laid out throughout the game. Some of the items are passive and allow things to be always slightly easier like the compass which will always show you the direction of the exit while capes will help you glide and climbers gloves will help you climb vertical walls with ease.

This game will frustrate you in the best possible way. Dying always comes at the cost of your negligence. Rushing in or not noticing simple things like traps below will always lead to death and a restart and you can never blame the game. It’s that admission that keeps you coming back, never feeling like you’ve been killed cheaply. It’s dangerous down there, but you will keep coming back for more.

SCORE: 8.6/10

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