Review: Soul Sacrifice Delta

Review: Soul Sacrifice Delta

Sony’s answer to Monster Hunter, Soul Sacrifice, launched last year to favourable reviews. However, despite a lot of people comparing it to Monster Hunter, it did it a complete disservice as it was a rather different game in its mechanics, atmosphere, and more. One thing that would be comparable to Monster Hunter, a pseudo-sequel has been released in Soul Sacrifice Delta that have added a bunch of additions as well as changes to the experience.

If you’ve never played Soul Sacrifice, you take the role of a player imprisoned by the sorcerer Magusar. Within the prison, you meet a talking book made of flesh called Librom. Within the pages of the book are memories and stories of a person who previously inhabited the prison, although the identity is unknown. Reading the book will give you the power and information to actually take on Magusar and defeat him.

Missions are those such memories in which you enter an arena and take down certain enemies, mini-bosses, and bosses. While the number of areas and bosses weren’t that varied, it was how gameplay worked that kept a lot of people playing it. As you complete missions, you obtain “offerings”. These offerings are essentially weapons for you to equip and boost to make stronger. It’s a game that on the surface is rather straight forward but becomes incredibly deep pretty quickly.

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Soul Sacrifice Delta is the same base game with a bunch of additions. Don’t worry though I’ve you’ve invested a substantial amount of time into the original game as some of that stuff carries over; that being said, you will lose you level. Offerings, souls, and other loot carries over mostly intact.

One of the new additions is the new factions to join alongside the Avalon pact. While the Avalon pact is all about sacrificing every living soul you can, Sanctuary is all about saving those souls. The third faction, Grimm, is neutral -ground with no allegiances on either side. These new factions offer up now missions and locations for you to visit. Choosing a faction will earn you sorcerer points that are uploaded to the PlayStation Network and at the end of the time period, the faction with the most points will earn rewards, loot, and more.


The most exciting addition to veteran players is Alice’s Eternal Maze. This mode allows you to jump into a never-ending mission in which you go from area to area killing as much as you can for the opportunity to earn some epic loot. It’s a true challenge, even to those that know the vanilla game inside out and offer some great gameplay.

The combat itself has been tweaked and improved upon. Spamming long-ranged attacks are not as effective as before. An extended animation has been added so it will take longer to unleash your attacks on the enemy. Movement feels slightly improved with dashing now achievable as well as adding buffer offerings to your weapons for greater damage against certain enemies.

If you’ve played Souls Sacrifice Delta and enjoyed it, there is definitely enough here to warrant a double-dip purchase. Hopefully the series will continue to grow and we can see a proper sequel that will fulfil many fan’s requests as it may finally become the massive game players want on their PlayStation Vita.

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