Review: Rayman Legends

Review: Rayman Legends


It’s funny just how far along Rayman Legends has come since its announcement. Originally slated for a Wii U exclusive that was scheduled to release last March, the game was pushed back for release on more systems due to poor Wii U sales. It eventually released last year for Wii U as well as last-gen consoles, PC, and PlayStation Vita. That wasn’t enough though as Rayman Legends have gone next-gen. Is Rayman Legends worth putting into your new PlayStation 4 and Xbox One?

It’s a wonder Rayman Legends even exists. Rayman Origins was a risk: A big-third party publisher putting money and time behind a full-price 2D platformer. It was successful, but not massively. Still, Ubisoft went greenlit a sequel. Backstory behind, Rayman Legends is a delightful platformer that oozes style and charm. The UbiArt Engine looked phenomenal  before but thanks to the power of the new systems, everything looks that little bit better. It was never taxing on processing power but the added space for expansion allows the game to run at 1080p natively and 60 frames a second giving the best experience possible.

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And you’re going to need the best experience possible because Rayman Legends isn’t the easiest of platformers. It’s gradual difficulty curve allows you to become accustomed to Rayman and his pals’ speed, jump height, and more. Early levels offer little challenge but by the later levels, dying will be a natural occurrence. The game implements a much better checkpoint system than Origins. In Origins, you essentially moved from area to area through doors. If you die, you were sent back to the beginning of that area. In Legends, players will be spawned sometimes just before the place you died at or a tiny bit further back. This keeps the flow of gameplay which is something that Rayman thrives on.

There is a surprising depth to the content within Rayman Legends. Throughout each level, there are a number of hidden characters you must save called teensies. This are what will ultimately lock further levels in the game. While you need to collect them in order to proceed, you will only need a bit more than half to reach the final world.

There are a ton of things to collect and do within Rayman Legends. From collecting teensies, to accumulating lums, to using scratch cards to unlock creatures, Origin paintings and more. You’ll be surprised at just how many hours this games asks of you in order to achieve everything.

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The Origin paintings are a nice little touch for those that never had the chance to play the first game. These paintings allow you to jump back into some of the original game’s levels but with slightly altered layouts to coincide with Rayman Legends. While this Is a great addition to the game for newcomers, it does consist of nearly a quarter of the entire game. This means fans of the first game will have to endure some of the same levels of the first game.

The levels in Rayman Legends are an absolute treat to traverse and overcome. Every single level brings charm, challenge, and character. The visuals are absolutely stunning and being in a living watercolour painting is always thrilling and exciting.

The gameplay is so satisfying that it never frustrates. The characters feel great to manipulate through the levels. Rayman Legends is one of the faster platformers that requires precise timing and being rewarded with great set-pieces that make you feel like you’ve accomplished something. That’s something Rayman Legends does that a lot of games can forget to: Making the player feel like the best in the world; It will almost guarantee our enjoyment of the game. Never forget that we’re a species or narracistic self-centred egomaniacs that need reinforcement most of the time.

Rayman Legends is essentially the same game that launched over half a year ago on other platforms but that shouldn’t influence you to stay away now. It’s a no-brainer if you haven’t played the game yet but even if you do and you’ve splashed out on a spiffy new console, you can do a lot worse than giving Rayman and chums a run, there’s no better 2D platformer out there right now.

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