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Review: ModNation Racers Road Trip

Review: ModNation Racers Road Trip

The Play, Create, Share genre, popularised by LittleBigPlanet has arrived on the PlayStation Vita from day one. The thing is that it isn’t Sackboy and friends that have brought it to the handheld but rather the other Play, Share, Create franchise Modnation Racers. There’s no doubt that fans of the series will want this one but within Sony’s first party line-up, is there a place for Modnation Racers?

And that is one of my two major faults with the game. In the launch line-up of PlayStation Vita games, there are no less than five racing games among its 20+ games. For any genre that’s a lot, but for racing it really does feel a little oversaturated. Although there’s no doubt too that Modnation Racers is in the top three of those five games, it just lacks the legacy the other franchises have. With Wipeout, Motorstorm, and Ridge Racer already having huge followings, it seems Modnation Racers may just fall off people’s radars.

The other problem I had with this game is actually with the game itself. When I was playing the game, I feel as though the game lacked a lot of the personality that made the PlayStation 3 counterpart shine.   The gameplay is solid and the game looks great on the Vita screen, but the game as a whole just feels ultimately hollow.

Don’t get me wrong though as ModNation Racers is still a good game. The controls itself feel great and there is great variety to the tracks. The number of tracks available on the bare game itself is enough to keep you entertained for some time.

The truly impressive thing about ModNation Racers on the PS Vita though is the fact that you can download any of the two million creations that are available on you PlayStation 3 and download them straight to you Vita. This means if you have Wi-Fi connection, there will be no end to the new tracks, vehicles and creations made by the PlayStation community.

You can also create tracks using the Vita. Simply use your touch screen to trace any sort of map you want and then use the massive list of options to tweak it to your liking. You can even use the rear touch pad to raise the ground or the touch screen to cause a ditch in the ground. Utilising the Vita’s features, creating a track is easier on the Vita than the PS3, which entices more players to try it out.

As I’ve mentioned above, the game lacks the personality of its home console counterpart and the main reason may be because of the seriously lacking multiplayer. ModNation Racers shined on PS3 because of its constant connection to the online community and how intuitive it was to go online. ModNation Racers in the Vita hasn’t got the typical player vs. player multiplayer; instead, opting for asynchronous multiplayer which honestly leaves a lot to be desired.

ModNation Racers isn’t a bad racing game, in fact, it’s pretty good. But within all the racing games releasing on Vita this games may have the least potential to get a following behind it. All other games are either better or have more people knowing exactly what it is. ModNation Racers falls somewhere in the middle but because it being the newest franchise of all the racing games, don’t exactly be surprised to see more people playing the other racing titles.

Some features being omitted feels like the game was rushed out, as a lot of launch titles are and unfortunately,  ModNation Racers Road Trip has lost what most people like about it in this first place. Fans may enjoy, but may also feel a little let down by something that could’ve truly shined on Sony’s new handheld.

Score: 6.8/10

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