Review: Mars War Logs

Review: Mars War Logs

mars war logs

Spiders are a developer that have been churning out multiple RPGs in a short amount of time. Sure, in the last year alone they have released Game of Thrones, Of Orcs and Men and now this, Mars War Logs. This game is not full price though and is quite a bit different to the other two recent RPGs from them. Despite some very noticeable flaws, Mars War Logs is a decent game with an interesting setting.

You begin the game in the perspective of someone else, in the sense that the opening cinematic is not focused on your character, rather a new arrival that you must save, from rape. It’s a ridiculous opening to be fair with the continuation of the rape scenario with multiple mentions of one guy wanting to be the first to do it to the new recruit.

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Honestly the beginning of the game seems tasteless and derivative and I was almost going to write it off but once they story stopped having a new way to talk about rape a rather interesting world began to unfold, one that wasn’t massively deep but deep enough to be grounded and sensical.

Your main goal is this game is to escape the prison complex, so you must help others out before getting the required equipment or team mates to help pull it off. The dialogue can be diabolical at times, but as I’ve mentioned it’s the grounded lore that keeps you interested.

This game plays like older Bioware games, which if you have played any before may get you a bit excited. Unlike Of Orcs and Men, you have full control over the attacks your character can pull off rather than line them up. It’s a very simplistic system with an attack, block, a couple of special attacks and a dodge but it’s enough to get you through most encounters but it can feel slightly dull in longer combat scenarios.

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I can be fine with mediocre story and dialogue but the one thing that hate seeing being wasted in potential and this game has it written all over the place. Mars War Logs had the potential to be a truly interesting RPG with some intriguing lore. Instead, most of the game feels either undercooked or rushed. This doesn’t mean the game is terrible or even bad but rather it’s clear to see the potential this game actually had. If the developers were given just a couple of months to flesh things out more, there would be a more rounded world to explore and we wouldn’t get such a rushed last chapter.

I honestly enjoyed my time with Mars War Logs but it also sighed at the thought of what could’ve been. As it stands though, it’s a decent RPG once you don’t mind finishing something that doesn’t quite feel finished.

SCORE: 6.8/10

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