Review: Madden 25 (next-gen)

Review: Madden 25 (next-gen)

madden 251 madden 252The last time we went through the generational change of consoles, one sports game stood out over all the others and that was Madden 06. Unfortunately, in case you don’t know, it was well-known for its shockingly-bad quality, bare-bones  content, and a lacklustre visual upgrade. Now with the launch on new consoles, will lightning strike twice or has EA learned it lessons from previous disecretions?

Madden 25 certainly sees a visual upgrade over the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 counterparts with more detail on player’s faces and in the stadiums themselves, but unfortunately it’s not to the degree one might expect from the massive leap you may have seen in other game. It’s crisper and cleaner looking but it’s by no means a massive improvement.

This leads to a problem with those that love American Football games: Is it really worth upgrading to the next-gen version. The only answer I can only give you is: If you’re are not nearly paying full price for it. There’s no major problems with the game really, just a disappointing port. Thankfully though, it’s not even close to the bad standards of the last generation where you were getting a much lesser game than the one available on previous console hardware.

madden 251

Where Madden must be commended on though, and it may be a deciding factor is in its presentation. Madden 25’s presentation is quite the improvement over the current gen’s. It feels much more authentic and draws you into the game day atmosphere.

The base game though is largely the same but thankfully Madden 25 on current gen system was already a good game and possibly the best Madden in years with plenty of content and variety to keep any pig-skin fan happy.

As I’ve already mentioned however, the decided factor is on how much you’ve already played Madden 25 on current gen system and just how much enjoyment you will get from essentially playing a game largely the same. The visuals are crisper, animations and gameplay are more authentic but the base gameplay is pretty much the same.

It must be said though that this is a far cry from the first Madden game on Xbox 360 and if this is the starting point for Madden on next-gen consoles, it seems like Madden may have a very bright future ahead on the system.

Madden 25

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