Review: Le Tour de France 2013 100th Edition

Review: Le Tour de France 2013 100th Edition

le tour de france 2013

There are some games that are aimed for the mainstream aimed to sell millions of copies which features gameplay tropes to appeal to a broad audience. Then there’s games that appeal to a niche audience delivering an experience designed just for them and keep them happy. Something tells me that Le Tour de France is a game that while it stays true to the source material, is simply not fun even for the die-hard fans.

Le Tour de France 100th edition had a major addition this year and that’s the matter of actually being able to move your rider and the bike. This means that every other year, you could not move the bike so imagine what that must have been like.

The game is quite bare on features meaning all it has is the Tour de France mode. The mode begins rather pleasantly with some nice shots of France but when everything goes downhill (no pun intended) after a video, then you know this may be a game not worth investing in.

The game is very much a simulation in every sense of the word. Although it doesn’t feel exactly 1:1 in terms of distance, it could very well be because each of the 21 stages is extremely long. Thankfully you can save but that doesn’t mean that the game doesn’t get any less tedious very quickly. You can also skip ahead and jump back in whenever you want but it’s hard to trust the AI to keep you ahead of the curve and a lot of the time you will go from the front to the middle of the pack pretty quickly which is infuriating.

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Another thing that can be infuriating is the fact that you must manage your stamina meter. However, staying close to the front and catching up to breakaway packs will likely drain you of your stamina so when it comes to the last few kilometres, every rider will still seem to have a lot of fuel left in the tank and as everyone begins to attack, you will be blacking out and falling down the rankings, making the last hour or more of progress invalidated.

Le Tour de France 100th Edition 2013 is definitely only for hardcore fans but most people who play games will definitely want to go elsewhere after just a few minutes. If you can get through all 21 stages more power to you because you couldn’t pay me enough to get through everything. Believe me I tried for many hours to only see me fail in every race and question my life reviewing which is never a good feeling for a game to bestow upon you.

SCORE: 4.5/10

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