Review: Industry Empire

Review: Industry Empire


Developer: Actalogic

Genre: Tycoon, Simulation

This one hurt, guys. What should have been a no brainer was rushed or simply not thought out enough. The tagline for Industry Empire was: “An entire industrial empire under your control. Have you always dreamed of swimming in money? In “Industry Empire” you are the boss of all bosses.” Okay, I can buy that, I’ve never played a game with that exact premise so it could be fun. I was wrong.

The standard “Tycoon” idea is everywhere and you can basically be a “Tycoon” for whatever you wish nowadays. Therefore there is a clear road map of things to do and things not to do. This game is everything that you should avoid while making a game!

The graphics are very mediocre for 2014. There is no reason for a modern sim to look this poor. Other games in this field with a lot less understood that graphics are a key element in this type of game. Without it, as its key element, you feel bored or turned off by the game. After a while, you will be pulled out of the world and it’s hard to keep playing. Don’t start!

The gameplay here is flawed, deeply and painfully flawed. There is a huge learning curve. We’re talking a huge tutorial for the most basic understanding of how to play the game. Now, I love sim games. Like, a lot! They’ve become my favourite genre and I honestly think that a good sim game can rival any Triple A Shoot ‘Em Up. Give “Game Developer Tycoon” a shot! It is freaking awesome!


Rules to follow: Keep it simple, keep it simple, and finally keep it simple. In the cream of the simulation market, you will have a series of tough tasks or goals to achieve. However, the tools in which you have to achieve these, are kept relatively simple. This allows for maximum enjoyment while tackling the tasks at hand rather than having the manual open in front of you to move a piece of road.

There is very little enjoyment here; the gameplay is broken, the graphics are okay but the worst part of it is the camera or POV. Wow, I feel sick playing this game. It is jarring and unfocused. I have no idea how this game was cleared for release.


Industry Tycoon is receiving a lot of negative press since its release and rightly so. There are so many games out there that are breaking new ground, bringing something new to the table or at least being fun, that there is no excuse for something like this getting a pass. It is poor and totally worth avoiding. It fails on every level.

If you want a good “Tycoon” game, then I urge you to pick up Game Developer Tycoon. It is stunning! Actually, I urge the developers of this to pick up that simulation as it mocks the traps that many developers fall into.

Rating: 2/10

Should I Buy This Game: No!

+ Has ancient ruins for some reason

– Poor Controls

– Jarring Camera Angles

– Confusing Gameplay

Release Date: 30 Jul 2014

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  1. Extremely buggy game that was not ready to be released. From buying a parcel of land to connecting the roads to buildings it’s been as much aggravation as it has been fun. I’ve played for more than five hours now and it hasn’t gotten any better.

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