Review: God of War HD Collection (Vita)

Review: God of War HD Collection (Vita)

Following on form a bunch of ports from PlayStation 3 to Vita, Kratos has come to rip apart some limbs on PlayStation Vita. As you may guess, if you’ve played the HD collection already on PlayStation 3, it’s hard to be excited for this port; however, if you’ve never played God of War 1 and 2, or haven’t in a while, you may be excited for this title on the handheld.

God of War is all about speed and responsiveness. Should the system or the controls not match what’s needed to succeed, it will simply fall flat on its face. Thankfully though, God of War collection on PlayStation Vita works pretty well, especially when comparing it to other recent PlayStation Vita HD collection ports.

You might be horrified to hear though that the interaction button is used with the rear touch pad. It works pretty well most of the time although there are some random times where interacting with the rear touch pad just doesn’t work requiring you to touch it multiple times which causes some frustration.

god of war collection screen

Visually, the game looks rather well with updated visuals. However, the cut-scenes have been completely untouched which is rather jarring. You’ll go from a cut-scene in a letterbox to gameplay that actually looks better than the cut-scene and stretches across the whole screen. It’s just fortunate that the story is just rather there and dumb to be perfectly honest.

The action and combat translates well to the PlayStation Vita. The stunning screen makes Kratos’s original adventures look even better. The flow feels right with everything feeling responsive and fluid. The combat is just as satisfying on the handheld as it ever was on the home consoles.

god of war collection screen3

While God of War looks good, God of War II looks great on the PlayStation Vita. Everything from details in the visual design to the improved animations, God of War II was a massive improvement over the still impressive first iteration in the series.

If you have never got the opportunity to play the first two God of War games for whatever reason in the past, if you have the chance to play the collection on PlayStation Vita, I couldn’t recommend it enough. Combat is fast, fluid, and grossly satisfying. Both games have held up well and are well worth a punt if you’ve never felt Kratos’ rage before.

God of War collection score

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