Review: Fez (PlayStation Vita)

Review: Fez (PlayStation Vita)

If you’ve followed the adventures of the developer behind Fez over the past year, it would a viewing on par with a soap drama; well, maybe not but it certainly was dramatic. After a sequel to Fez was announced, eventually a few online spats led to the developer Phil Fish cancelling the game and saying he’s leaving video games. While, nothing has really been said on the matter since, at least Fez has made its way to other platforms since and now the mind-bending platformer has made its way to PlayStation Vita and, after some time with the game, its rightful place.

Fez is one of the most unique puzzle-platformers out there. You play as a little white characters called Gomez who has been given a magical Fez that can change the dimensions of the world into 3D by switching between four different perspectives. It’s a mechanic that sounds simple but once you get into the game it will challenge your mental capacity more than you may expect.


Fez does something that most platformers don’t do: it makes you think. Hell, don’t be surprised if you feel the need to make notes to understand where you need to go. The main goal in Fez is simple: Obtain all cube pieces and cubes to reach the end of the game and complete it. It’s a lot more complex that you may think it is when you begin.

Should you want to give yourself even more of a challenge, then you can find all the anti-cubes which are much harder to find and uncover. Fez is a much deeper and ingenious game than you may even comprehend. It offers an incredible amount of content that will challenge you regardless of how far you decide to dive into the game.

Fez on the PlayStation Vita feels as though it deserves to be there. The colours stand out even more on the stunning OLED screen and the simple pick up and play feel of Fez just suits the handheld. If you’ve never played Fez before, now’s the time to don the cap, or fez, and enjoy!

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