Review: Farming Simulator 14 (PS Vita)

Review: Farming Simulator 14 (PS Vita)

I know, it’s one of those things that you may just look past and move on. Some would joke that the Vita has such little support in terms of games that Farming Simulator may be a big get, and weirdly enough, it is, surprisingly. I don’t have a massive in-depth critique of that game simply because you probably know a lot about Farming Simulator and what it entails. Either way, the game kind of fits the form factor of the PlayStation Vita.

Farming Simulator 14 is in many ways similar to the previous versions found on PC and consoles. It follows the same structure and although visuals are slightly downgraded but not that much actually. It’s a decent looking game with some surprising detail on the farming equipment.


The goal in Farming Simulator 14 is to branch out in every way. You start on a small farm and the goal is to earn more money to buy new equipment, new farmland and expand. However, this is done rather slowly and you will need patience.

That “patience” part however is where my story comes in. I get public transport to get around and where I live, chances are you are on a bus will people who cause trouble hanging down the back. They drink, deal drugs, and indulge in them making rather generic travel that much worse. To counteract having to deal with them, I nearly always bring my Vita to kill some time on my travels.

With other games, I would look up and pause every couple of minutes, then when getting off, I never felt satisfied as I never felt I made progress, especially because I would stop. Farming Simulator fit perfect for these 30 minute journeys. I would harvest a field or two in one journey, sow a couple on another, collect the grain, then buy something new. Everything is done is steps, and is surprisingly relaxing.


The biggest problem though with Farming Simulator 14 is the lack of any tutorial. Once you start the game, you are thrown right in of your own accord. There are some missions that pop up but they never help explain what you may want to do next. This is definitely for people who have played the series before and now want to take the game on the go.

It goes without saying that Farming Simulator isn’t for everyone. For those that may be into it though, the Vita version is completely competent. It’s nothing special, nothing great, but does its job pretty well, that’s enough really.

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