Review: BloodBath

Review: BloodBath

Wow, this was a very cool treat. Rarely do I enjoy gigs that have any Roman influence at all. However, Blood bath has a really cool idea pumping it forward, a Mad Max world with Roman Games. It is all online multiplayer, and I would normal rail on games for that. However, I really enjoyed this. It isn’t smart, long or deep. It is just a bit of fun. Pure hack and slash third person fun.

Right the “plot”, is that you must compete in the most brutal sport of the moment, the Dog Eat Dog tournament. That’s about it.

There are a number of different modes, and you can play with friends due to its very nature. I mainly stuck to the non-team based modes as I was playing alone. I am most familiar with the free for all mode. That is just that, mindless cartoonish God of War violence between you and 3 others. The most kills at the end of the timer is the winner.


There is a pretty good array of characters to choose from; this includes everything from a “stereotypical” Roman influenced Gladiator-type to a Geisha. Like most games of this genre, you will find one that you like and stick to that it very early on.

The game mechanic is pretty neat and the controls aren’t awesome, but still work fairly well. I hate the use of the B button to regain health in a mid-fight mini-game. It was very trying on my patience.

I cannot express this enough! Use an Xbox controller if you’re going to play this on your PC. That is what I do and it makes indie games a lot welcoming. Unless they are totally broken, it’s that right, Monochroma?


You will die a lot and quickly but you can also get in and improve over a short space of time. It feels like they took the idea of Free-To-Play games and the Xbox Arcade “Spartacus Legends” game and used them together. Taking the best bits from both and leaving a fun casual treat.

That game too was most an online experience, it had a lot of padding which took away for its core appeal: a big stupid game for a big stupid show. Blood Bath gets the joke and knows what is it.

The environments look great for such a small realm game. They are a cross between Ancient Rome and a post-society arena. I love it; everything has just enough polish to not look weird or cheap.

The controls are mapped kind of odd, but I’ll let it pass as that is ironed out in the great tutorial page. Everything is here for a reason and no resources were wasted. Fair play to Freedom Factory Studies. Those guys have nailed it.

This feels and plays like a scaled down version of Spartacus, so if you enjoyed that. Then this is a worth a look; it’ll not change the face of the gaming world but it will pass a few hours.

Released Jun 16, 2014


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