Review: Jak and Daxter Trilogy (PS Vita)

Review: Jak and Daxter Trilogy (PS Vita)

jak-and-daxter-collection-release-dateNaughty Dog are currently setting the gaming world alight with its newly released PlayStation 3 exclusive The Last of Us. The Uncharted developer are seen to possibly be the best developer in the world right now but before Nathan Drake and Sully and Joel and Ellie, Naughty Dog had another duo working together in Jak and Daxter. Having released on PlayStation 3 last year, the Jak and Daxter trilogy has now made its way to PlayStation Vita. How does a whole trilogy hold up on a handheld though?

The Jak and Daxter trilogy was  highly regarded as one of the best and diverse trilogies of the PlayStation 2 era. Each game wasn’t shy about mixing things up and it can be clearly seen from the beginning of each game. A lot of fans would see Jak 3 as the culmination of everything Naughty Dog learned over the previous two iterations with a much more refined system in place.

The first Jak and Daxter game is usually considered to be everyone’s favourite. The open-world nature meant it was quite impressive to see on the PlayStation 2. Unfortunately, out of the three games in this package, the original Jak and Daxter suffers the most from slow frame rate and a slight delay on button inputs.

jak and daxter trilogy

Those who played the collection on PlayStation 3 will notice that the frame rate is not running at 60 frames a second like on the PlayStation 3 but 30 frames which does still run rather smoothly, but it does feel as though the original sometimes falls below this. It certainly doesn’t mean the game is unplayable, quite a bit from that in fact but it’s noticeable nevertheless.

The other two games hold up rather well. Both of them run smoothly and look really good, especially Jak 3 which still is rather impressive. What is worth noting that even though it’s three games in the same series, you certainly won’t feel any sort of grind because if just how different each game is. Everything from approach to some systems and gameplay make each rather feel diverse and different. This makes playing through them sequentially will not feel grindy of like you’re playing the same game.

If you have playing the collection on PlayStation 3 then there’s absolutely no reason why you should buy this title due to its inferiority and the fact it adds nothing different. The games utilises the rear touch pad for shoulder buttons which is a viable but not desirable workaround. It’s still a great trilogy that all gamers should encounter, especially now that the series is on the go.

SCORE: 7.5/10

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