Gran Turismo 6 Review

Gran Turismo 6 Review

GT6Okay, so it is time for this long awaited review of the accomplished racing series. Let me be honest, it has taken so long because I cannot stop playing this game. It is excellent, simple as that! Everything about this game will delight you; I say that as someone that doesn’t like these games nor do I like cars but this game was fun from the moment that I picked it up.

Gran Turismo 6 delivers on all fronts. GT5 was a disappointing title for a lot of people, so I went into this one expecting the same. I was wrong! This is the race simulation that fans have always wanted and one of the best games that you can play on any current gen system. Oh, and it is superior even to Forza 5 on the next gen system (the less said about that the better). This game destroys the “next-gen” using hardware from 2006! That is shameful but a reason why you shouldn’t give up on the PS3 just yet.

It’s not all positive, so I will get that out of the way quickly. The music is a terrible mix of random J-pop, indie rock and dubstep. Turn that off and you’ll be fine. I suggest some metal or rock playing in the background. Burnout understood this!

Anyway, the loading times are irritating, very irritating in fact! There will be many times that you will wish that things would get going and let you play the level/race/mission that you’ve selected. The screen will also freeze a little as part of these loading times but it is worth waiting.


The final thing that has to be a black mark against this game is that the NPCs that make up the spectators are really poorly rendered and just look creepy. This is something that is very jarring and take away from the beautiful level and car design.

However, the AI in this game is pretty poor. After you master the controls early into the game that is all you really have to do! Drive well and you’ll be left alone by the AI. There is no really challenge on this front, and has annoyed more than one reviewer. I am nit-picking; these are small issues.

GT6 (1)

Onto the real review, this game is about racing cars. And, I cannot emphasise enough, driving a car in GT6 feels fantastic. It’s responsive, detailed and enjoyable. It has won me, a non-racer fan, over and I love this game. This game has all the realism and fun that will please purists and casuals alike.

Now, I can’t get super technical so I will say that the PS3 console helps offer a perfect balance between realism and accessibility. Kudos, Polyphony Digital! As a side note, make sure that you play this at 1080p and you’ll see the great work that this team has done.

The menu is nice and accessible; overall this is a simplified version to what I’ve seen in past instalments. I love the shortcuts to the “coffee break” missions, and the other random events like “lunar” missions. Yes, you can drive the lunar racer in this game. Some will find these events enjoyable on a vastly different scale but they’re there. And at least, the developer had a sense of humour and cared enough to include these. This is a hallmark of good game design.

The single player has a new ‘PP’ number system for each car and performs a number of different features. The most pressing one is as a PP limit for events i.e. if your PP is too big, you’re not allowed to race. This cuts out any unfair advantage and adds an element of difficulty that makes the game more fun.

And “fun” is the operative word here, folks. GT6 has cracked the code and destroys any other sim on the market today (yes, you too Forza 5). The selection of cars, tracks and everything else makes this a real surprise personal treat. This game is set for the PS4 release but don’t bother. Buy it for the PS3, play it on full HD and you’ll love it as much as I do.

This is a buy and a must play, if you have a PS3!

Gran Turismo 6 is out now for the PS3.

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