THQ Nordic acquires two more studios, new Saint’s Row coming and more

THQ Nordic acquires two more studios, new Saint’s Row coming and more

THQ Nordic had a lot to announce and reveal during its recent report that included new acquisitions, new games, and more.

To start with, THQ have acquired two new studios. First up in Gunfire Games which most recently developed Darksiders 3 and the studio is made up of a lot of Vigil Games developers which worked on the first two Darksiders games. They also announced that the studio will continue to work on other action games as well as their impressive Virtual Reality portfolio.

The second studio acquired is Milestone which is best known for their work on the Moto GP series. This makes sense given the lack of racing IP under their belt.

Next is that Volition is working on a new Saint’s Row game. This will be the first proper sequel since Saint’s Row 4 in 2013.  In the time between, the developers made Gat out of Hell, a standalone expansion as well as the ill-fated Agents of Mayhem.

Dead Island 2 is STILL alive but it has once again had developers switch hands. It was originally developed by Yager Interactive before being passed on to Sumo Digital. Now, the game is being handled by Dambuster Studios who most recently developed Homefront: The Revolution.

Steve Ellis, one of the creators of Timesplitters has returned to the franchise will now overlook the future of the franchise.


A lot of quick bullet points but it shows that THQ is investing heavily in the future with a huge number of interesting developers and IPs all coming in the next few years.

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