The Secret World Delayed by two weeks

The Secret World Delayed by two weeks

Modern day MMO The Secret World has been delayed by two weeks. Originally planned for release on June 19th, Funcom’s MMO will now hit the market on July 3rd.

Funcom have said the reason for the delay is “market reasons”. Funcom said: “The new launch date places The Secret World in a more positive launch window which will benefit the launch of the game.”

This means early access has been pushed back to June 29th.

Funcom also announced their third and fourth beta weekends. The third, called Hell Raised, begins on 15th June and runs until 17th June. This will provide the Illuminati and Dragon starter experiences as well as the Templar experience. It also includes the Savage Coast area, and the Hell Raised dungeon.

The fourth and final beta weekend begins on 22nd June and runs until the 24th June. This provides player versus player gameplay.

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