TESV: Skyrim gets premium quality map with pre-order

TESV: Skyrim gets premium quality map with pre-order


Skyrim seems to be THE game this year; everyone is talking about it. Physical maps have become a staple for Elder Scrolls games. For fans who pre-order the game, they will receive a premium quality map free of charge. So if all the incredible trailers and gameplay videos wasn’t enough to get you to pre-order the game, the premium quality map should tip you over the edge.

You can get your hands on The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC on November 11th 2011.

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  1. I pre-ordered this game because of pre-order incentives from wal-mart, a $10 e-card and a premium edition map. When the game arrived a couple days ago, I noticed that it was not the premium edition. Reportedly, the premium edition of the game says on the cover that it includes a premium edition map included, although I can’t confirm due to not having the premium edition of the game. I did open the game up, only to find out that the map included was the not-so-premium map.

    I e-mailed customer service, and they said to call their video game department @410-586-3685, and they would send me the map no problem.

    I called the number above, and they basically said they were aware of the problem but that they run out of premium edition games and that we were SOL. Before the game was shipped, I wasn’t notified that they ran out of premium edition games, nor was I given the opportunity to cancel my order because of it. They just shipped the retail version to me. On the phone with the video games department, I wasn’t given any options: not for a refund, not for a partial refund, not for a free gift card because they couldn’t include the items which I ordered but did not receive.

    Getting a full refund for this game would be a challenge, because of the way the receipts were made for this e-card+game+map bundle. The receipt actually says it’s $49.95, with no receipt for the extra $10 that was paid for the bundle. So basically they separated the game and e-card.

    Just think.. All they had to do before shipping out the item was to e-mail people with pre-orders and tell them they run out of premium edition versions of the game and ask them if they want to cancel their orders.

    I’ve since contacted Bethesda Softworks about this situation, just to let them know that a well-known retailer was selling premium editions of their software and sending out retail versions. I’ve also sent in a complaint to wal-mart and am awaiting a response to both.  

    Apparently, a lot of people pre-ordered this game and got the retail version, thinking it was the premium version just because it had a basic map included. After doing various web searches, many are claiming that they have actually gotten the textured map with the PS3 version of the game, despite an earlier report from a well-known site that claimed the ps3 premium edition map was not textured but the 360 version was.

    It seems like there is a lot of confusion regarding who got the premium edition game and who didn’t. Since my game case does NOT say it’s the premium edition and the map is not textured, I can only say that I DON’T have the premium edition despite paying for it.

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