Sunday Viewing: The Station Full Play

Sunday Viewing: The Station Full Play

While Game-Smack’s website is still a critical location to get all upcoming news and review for all things videos, you may not know of the Game-Smack YouTube channel. On it, you can find over 400 videos covering everything from video reviews, previews, first looks and so much more.

So for Sunday Viewing today I’m posting the full playthrough of the First Person Exploration Sci-Fi game “The Station” I played through a while ago. So sit, back, relax, and enjoy a cool indie title you may have missed in recent weeks!

Also, if you’re interested, don’t forget to subscribe to the YouTube channel a subscribe.

Owner of Game-Smack, Jason plays everything that's possible. Goal of Game-Smack: Overhearing a stranger "Game-Smack? I've heard of that. It sucks!"

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