Spec Ops: The Line Revealed

At Spike’s VGA’s there’s more reveals than E3 it seems. Another shooter called Spec Ops: The Line.

The game seems to a third person shooter set in a world where people didn’t listen about global warming. The trailer shows you shooting outside a skyscraper where a ot of things seems destructible. The game seems like a pretty decent game but that’s just on about 30 seconds of gameplay so don’t quote me on that.

Either way expect the trailer to appear on Game-Smack tomorrow and judge for yourself.

Owner of Game-Smack, Jason plays everything that's possible. Goal of Game-Smack: Overhearing a stranger "Game-Smack? I've heard of that. It sucks!"

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  1. what? they didn’t listen?? THEY DIDN’T LISTEN????!!!

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