Skyrim DLC heading back to Morrowind?

Skyrim DLC heading back to Morrowind?

In my long travels within the province of Skyrim, I have seen many a fascinating thing. Ice wraiths, frost trolls and countless bandits have been slain, but I could not defeat the monster known as the invisible wall. Fortunately though, it seems as though the invisible wall may be holding out for future DLC heading back to Morrowind. Seems plausible given the obvious building designs around the border.

What do you guys think? Why put a passageway and then jut block it off?

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  1. Good shout. And that would be amazing, particularly for those that played Morrowind. 

  2. thought about dlc already too,.morrowind got to my mind as well, just because i want it to be the dlc….
    also it gets mentioned quite a lot in books, and i also met a lot folks from morrowind, like the nirnroot grower and those peopel from the hlaalu family, would be more then awesome

  3. this would be epic, damn I hope this happens, lol

  4. i would cum at the possibility of going back to The land of the dunmer

    • Well at least your secure about admitting your homosexuality in public

  5. When the map for the game was leaked a couple months backed I noticed that Dunmeth Pass was labeled on the map along with the Velothi Mountains.  I had Morrowind on the original Xbox and on the PC (with both expansions).  I even downloaded a mod which added the mainland of Morrowind to the game and I loved Blacklight.. and the lore behind it.  The Dunmeth Pass is the road between Windhelm and Blacklight and I think it would make the perfect setting for DLC because of the disaster that destroyed Vvardenfell (and subsequent invasion and takeover of Morrowind by the Argonians) which led to all the refugee Dunmer living in Skyrim.

    I imagine the in-game distance between Windhelm and Blacklight to be no further of a distance than Whiterun and Windhelm.  I really hope this becomes a reality.  I would love to wear some bonemold armor. 🙂

    I need to investigate the Pale Pass beneath Falkreath for that is the road that connects Falkreath and Bruma.  Dragonstar and Elinhir in Hammerfell as well as Johanna in High Rock are also possible out-of-Skyrim destinations.

    • i thought the volcano in morrowind blew up, and argonians invaded somwhere else.

    •  I too loved Morrowind. But don’t you think it’s a little early to go back? Maybe if they just un-dumbed down the next game, and made it more like Morrowind and less like Oblivion. Skyrim is pretty good, but I think the next game should at least have a mode that makes thing more like Morrowind for the people who like the idea of danger and having to be careful about who the pick fights with. Maybe include a way to track what level certain NPCs are by investigating them before you run in swinging, maybe you should have to go in with a plan.

      Oh and the god like feeling you get from making your own spells that can kill everyone in a city with one cast should also return. As well as the levitate spell and the rare items with set values.

      • Master difficulty.

  6. Well I went and took a look at pale pass and the very same building blocks your way into Cyrodiil… I suspect the same to be true for all the roads leading from Skyrim… they’re probably just put there for the sake of realism…I mean it’s a main road there would have to be something realistic blocking you way huh? Though the funny thing much of the morrowind geography is rendered out there.. Vvardenfell too… though so is much in Cyrodiil blackmarsh and others…but it’s just the landmass.. no buildings… except for a very undetailed basic tower where the imperial city would be. So who’s to say what may or may not come in the future?

  7. They are planning on making bigger dlc, but Howard said it would make the game better rather than just adding content. That could mean a lot of things. 

    One thing about the Elder Scrolls is that so much time has passed between each game, and the lands we all once explored and loved can only be heard of through books and word of mouth. Nothing would be cooler than to be able to experience the drastic changes first hand. Morrowind is one of my favorite and most nostalgic games, and hearing about all the shit happening there makes me want to abandon the northern lands and return to the red mountain.

    I imagine adding in Vvardenfell in its entirety is to hefty of a project to make into dlc, but that would be the coolest dlc I’ve ever purchased. It would be great if they went back to the way they did expansions with morrowind and added to the game world. bits of High Rock, Hammerfell, Cyrodiil, and Morrowind would all make for some fantastic dlc. 

  8. Guys, I don’t mean to spoil anything, but in reading a few books based on The Great War between the Empire and the Thalmors of the Aldmeri Dominion, Most of Morrowind (including Vvardenfell) has been destroyed by a massive eruption from Red Mountain…

    So they might not bring it back. Although I do agree, it would be SWEET…yet there are many places that have yet been unexplored.

    I’m hoping for Akavir…but it’ll probably be too big for a DLC, so maybe in ES6.

    I mean c’mon–where else are you going to find Tiger-Dragons, the Monkey People of Tang Mo and Snake people like the Tsaesci?!

    • But didn’t paathurnax babble something about elder scrolls coming from a place outside time? How fun would it be to find scrolls allowing you to pop into certain periods of the lore.

    •  Actually its not really that big, Skyrim Province is bigger then the 3 islands put together. Akavir sounds more interesting then some ideas i heard like: “The Return of The Dwemer” or “return to Cyrodiil

  9. I hope so! As long as the steam driven half spider half dwarf is still kicking about, bonemold armour and my good friend Creeper is still there to make me rich once again! And as for the road to morrowind from Skyrim… Wasn’t Skyrim an island on the original expansion? I clearly remember levitating over a vast stretch of water to reach it (just to get the dedric paldone) excuse my spelling everyone!

    • No, that island was Solstheim, from the Morrowind expansion “Bloodmoon”. Playing it was one of my favorite parts of Morrowind, which is why I love Skyrim so much, because it borrowed heavily from a lot of the lore, art, and feel of Solstheim.

  10. I loved Morrowind but come on y go to a place thats already been trecked over for so many Hrs I still have Morrowind and Oblv.  Is it nostalgia that’s making all of the PC mod using players mad?  (thats not a stab at them I would want to mod too its just that I dont have a PC)  I want to see somthing new maybe like Elsweyr or even The Black Marsh. 
           I think that a dence Jungle or vast and super dry desert would be somthing new for the Bethesda team…….yea i know your thinking what about Fall Out that was like a desert…no its not thats a wastland.  I want real dunes and a hidden oasis here and there.  And the jungles would be crawling with larg bugs and reptilian monsters and Argoian tree top towns deap nasty swamps and all the good stuff you could ever think of that would be in a fantasy jungle or swamp…… Wevryns would be cool too they’re dragon like kind of.
             Iv read so many books (in game) about the Black Marsh that its one of my most wanted areas to visit.  Iv played Morrowind for like 300 plus hrs and the same for Oblv.  How much could Cyrodill changed in the 200  years it a western european ladndscape theres not much changing that could go on in that like a few new farms, some new buildings in a town.  All im saying is that its old and mondain, done and done well….. ether way im still going to get the DLC one way or anther.

    • Yea im with u da black marsh would be cool

    • Black marsh would be cool, but how cool would it be to take the fight back to the Dominion? Thats how Cyrodill could have changed, you’d have no mages guild or fighters guild, theAltmer would be in charge (sort of) Bruma would be siding with skyrim, with the Dunmer and Bosmer forming reble groups that you could team up with… just think that could work better as a major carry on from skyrim

  11. What about Cyrodil anyone?

  12. But see, they did this in Oblivion – there was an opening to Skyrim that was blocked by an invisible wall.

    Might just be showing the links between the provinces.

  13. Journal based round Morrowind, Cryodiil and Skyrim

  14. I want a Fortify Boobs spell!

  15. Morrowind DLC? A good idea, and I’d definitely hope for it. But I can’t seem to find more Facts than flaws in this. While I have over 100 hours on skyrim, I have run into at least three of these. Most seeming not to lead anywhere at all. I think we should guess something more realistic, adding an entire province as DLC is almost like releasing a new game. I for one think this is just a boundary of the game. After all, you have to enter skyrim somewhere. Why not make it official with a gate?(Unlike oblivion where it was just an invisible wall that protected from immigration to other provinces.)

  16. I think it will be high rock (maybe) but definitely morrowind

  17. there could possibly be a new expansion or “dlc” every year, i mean Bethesda did say they were going to release something that felt more like an expansion, and hey expansions are big but i too would to see morrowind, but sadly 🙁 i never played it

  18.  Wasn’t half of Morrowind destroyed in the events inbetween Skyrim and Oblivion?

  19. I just hope to see more quests, a bit of morrowind and cryodill, a shout that turns me into a dragon, higher cap levels, and most importantly the current quest bugs fixed. 

  20. Todd Howard said they wanted each game to be unique and be it’s own game, so why would they put you in a place you’ve already been?  Keep dreamin’ guys, cause I doubt they’ll do anything like this. But that’s not really a bad thing, that just leaves room for something new. 🙂

    Btw, as for ” Why put a passageway and then jut block it off?” No offense… but don’t you think they may have done that too add a little realism rather than have a mountain or a million trees blocking your path? And how would cities connect?  This is probably just something they did for Skyrim that they didn’t do for the previous games.

  21. maybe they put exit passage ways for immersion? I mean i think it’s cool they have them even if it doesn’t lead to DLC i’m hoping they get creative with their dlc and you get the chance for new powerful weapons, armor, and SPELLS (especially Conjuration) i was a little disappointed that i couldn’t summon hungers and clanfears and deadroths! and especially my favorite the Xivilai (hope i spelled that correctly) now new conjuration spells would be a great expansion in itself! to be able to summon those listed above? i would drop $20 easy just to get new summons alone. 

  22. Well notice that the rift from the Elder Scroll to go back in time is still there.  There is a lot of talk about The Great War throughout the game maybe the DLC will take you back in time to fight in that or something but either way it’ll be good.

  23. i actually think it will be a expansion to the thalmor home (dont know what its called) because at the end of the stormcloaks quests, ulfric says, that a darkness is coming and we need to prepare for, darkness meaning thalmor.  i dont know the ending of the empire quests though. 

    • I agree that it will be a dlc eventually…the storm cloaks would have to kill the thalmor…and the imperials would be betrayed by the thalmor…which then the imperials must fight tje thalmor….this is just my hypothesis from playing the game

  24. I always wished for a morrowind rerelease with all the bugs fixed and better graphics like they did with halo ce they could charge 500 bucks and I would still buy even after playing the original over 1000 hours to this day my favorite

  25. Adding an entire province in a game is something Bethesda has done before. Such as the shivering isle exapnsion in oblivion, point lookout fallout 3, and though Bethesda didn’t really create or add content to it, most of Fallout New Vegas’ add on content were New Provinces. And yes we have been to Morrowind and Cyrodil, but the events in Skyrim took place 200 years after Oblivion and Morrowind has aslo signifigantly changed, so if they were to go back to these places they would almost indefinetly be different. Which in turn saying you knew these places backwards and forwards just wouldn’t be a possibilty given the circumstances of change. 

  26. I want DLC To head to Orsinium, Imagine it Fighting of Sieges to protect the Overlord or king or waht ever u wanna call the leader, and Then eventually when the leader dies U become leader and then can Make wars against the other provinces of tamriel

  27. Dude, I played morrowind for hooooooooooooours and I still havent done it all! Game is amazing, if they cleaned it up and made the interface like skyrim I would shit glitter! Its been so long it would feel like a new game.

    On the other hand, I would love to see summerset isle and go piss off the snotty high elves

  28. teh dlc will be dawnguard guys and maybe more later on down the road but dawnguard is the summer dlc 

  29. They have an overhaul mod for Morrowind, it’s actually pretty impressive.

  30. i wish they’d just let us know if its for sure or not i mean come on worlds gonna end soon might as well tell us…i was hoping skyrim would hold me over but as im sure you all know we smoked it…soo lets get this thing going bethesda!!

  31. I don’t see how anyone could go back to Morrowind when ES 3 is based in Vvardenfall.

  32. What about if we had kind of like a HUGE expansion that added post-war factions like rebels and crap versus the elves, cuz that would make the game more fun:killing so black, corrupt sick-as-hell elves who wanna be anal whores ruling the world with nice toasty butt warmers to keep em nice and toasty. Thank u dwemer.

  33. just note that morrowind will have changed a lot, since skyrim plays centuries after the morrowind game

  34. Actually its the path to the Dawnguard DLC. Although it would be nice to travel to Morrowind.

  35. The velothi mountains would have protected the western/south-western part of vvardenfell. ebonheart is probably an abandoned derelect fortress, a ghostly visage of its former self. The ash blight could have settled in with huge deformations on the wildlife there, and the port town of seyda neen could be recycled as a starting point. This is just my wishful thinking, but I think that small portion of land could be considered shivering isles equivalent more or less. seyda neen upwards to balmora with the velothi mountains having the same effect as the “invisible wall”.

  36. I just noticed the other day playing the xbox that they removed the invisible barriers.Could mean something

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