Review: Mad Catz R.A.T. M

R.A.T. MAny PC gamer will tell you the importance of a good gaming mouse. You don’t need to be the ultimate PC gamer though to know what makes a good gaming mouse and what doesn’t. However, with gaming laptops becoming more prominent, it can be quite a pain to lug your wired mice around. Mad Catz have created the R.A.T. M gaming mouse to give you all the customisation and buttons of the ultimate gaming mouse, but one small enough to make a great travelling companion.

When you first see a R.A.T. M you will instantly notice its unique design. On first glance it may look a big ugly. It’s got bits of plastic protruding out of the main body of the mouse and each piece is a different shape but the moment you put your hand over it you will get that “aahhhh!” feeling, knowing exactly why everything on the mouse is the way it is.


The R.A.T. M is tiny compared to other gaming mice but it doesn’t hold back on features. The mouse is completely wireless, feels weighty and sturdy and features over a dozen completely customisable buttons. Once you install the software on your computer, you can program every button on the mouse to do whatever you want. This means this mouse can be used for virtually any type of game. Whether you are an MMO gamer or just First Person Shooters, the R.A.T. is the perfect companion should you travel a lot.

As I mentioned above, the R.A.T. M is a very sturdy mouse. It’s got a very solid, metal base but it doesn’t compromise its mobility. Also due to the “twin-eye” laser sensor it moves very smoothly and works on virtually any surface, which of course is essential for travelling needs.

The mouse connects to your PC using Bluetooth but the mouse also comes built with a tiny USB dongle should you need it. The dongle is placed under the mouse itself and clicks into the base of it meaning it is stored really well and it’s something you never need to worry about.


The last major feature of the R.A.T. M is the adjustable palm rest. Because the mouse is really small, some gamers may feel their hands become more like a claw due to its size. Because of this, the palm rest can be pushed out to make the mouse a little bit bigger. This is a needed feature because even with my short stubby hands, it was quite uncomfortable trying to game for anything more than a few minutes without using the adjustable palm rest.

I was overall really impressed by the R.A.T. M gaming mouse but do have a few reservations. First off is the price. This mouse will easily set you back a hundred and twenty euro plus. Considering most gaming mice may cost just half of this, it is quite a steep purchase. Also, I have been using a Razer Naga for the last few months and even though I did appreciate just how small the R.A.T. M is, it just doesn’t feel as satisfying as the Naga. Even though the R.A.T. M is wireless, I noticed myself returning to the Naga after just a few play sessions. However, the R.A.T. M is al about mobility and less space consumption and when I must travel, I have noticed myself automatically reaching for the R.A.T. M over the Naga purely because it genuinely is a great travel companion for any gamer, especially those on a laptop.

If you are willing to pay the money, you will get one of the sturdiest, surprisingly full-featured gaming mice out there. It feels great, despite initial reservations and anybody who purchases this will have their needs met.


SCORE 8/10

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