Review: Bioshock 2 Minerva’s Den

Minerva’s Den is the last piece of  DLC for Bioshock 2. That also means that this is the last time we’ll see something new from Rapture of the next game is taking to the skies. We never know, we could see Rapture again someday but it still needed a send off at least for now and thankfully Minerva’s Den gives it a nice story to say goodbye to Rapture.

When first hearing that Minerva’s Den I was expecting a really small short story in a small self contained area that lasted maybe an hour. A preconception I was very wrong about. Minerva’s Den does have its own self contained story and setting but it fits with Rapture in every way. On top of that it comes in at a good 3-5 hours which is longer than the recently released Kane and Lynch 2. You get to unveil new secrets of Rapture, meet new characters and ultimately help a very familiar face.

In Minerva’s you play as a big daddy known as Sigma. As you are walking through one of the tunnels leading to Minerva’s Den, you discover that Reed Wahl has set up explosives in the tunnel and he detonates them before you can get clear of them. You wake up sometime later on the sea floor and you make your way into Minerva’s Den. From there you are introduced to a guy named C.M Porter. He asks for your assistance in stopping Reed Wahl from taking of the thinker, a super computer that looks over Rapture. From there you must fight through Minerva’s Den to stop Reed and help Porter.

It really would be a Bioshock story with twists and turn and this DLC is no exception. There are a few twists that you may see coming but chances are one will come out of  right field and surprise you. Everything you enjoyed from Bioshock 2 is present. Story and vocal performances are flawless. The mood and atmosphere can be just a dark and hopeless as before except this time you have the feeling that this may be the last time you actually see Rapture.

As it is its own self contained story, you begin with nothing. You quickly gain new weapons and plasmids. There are no power to the people station so upgrades are recovered form downed big daddies. There is a new type of big daddy known as the lancer. He wields a very powerful ion laser cannon that if you take one down, will become your new go to weapon. It emit’s a constant stream that takes down enemies in no time whatsoever.

Once again there are little sisters that are protected by big daddies. Like Bioshock 2, you can kill said big daddies and either harvest or adopt the little sisters. Of course, because you are human, you will adopt the little sisters and have them gather adam and then rescue them like you did many, many times over in Bioshock 2. This was my one gripe with Minerva’s Den. I enjoyed the whole protecting the little sister at the start of Bioshock 2 but ultimately grew tired of it by the end. I was a little disheartened that I had to endure protecting the little sisters on 12 more gatherings. Although it was my decision it still took the focus away from the narrative for me and left me a little disjointed from the story.

Fortunately that pretty much is the only bad thing I have to say with Mineerva’s Den. For it’s value of less than a tenner, you’re getting a whole new story in Rapture, new characters, new places and a nice curtain call for Rapture, for now at least.

Score: 8.5

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