PSA: Things will never be the same

In the more than eight and a half years of writing for this site, one thing I’ve realised is that I’ve kept this site’s work and pretty much every other gaming related thing I do separate. I’ve never pushed my other means of content; means that have far outweighed this little site of mine.

I have fallen in and out of love with writing as I’ve changed styles, approaches, and general vocabulary but, never have I hated it. If I could, I would write every day, all day. To put these fading thoughts about everything video games from game mechanics, to much more existential issues, harsh themes and interpretations, to my favourite gaming memes down, and etch them into eternity. But I can’t. Not for a lack of passion or want, but for time.

I have aimed to keep this site up to date with daily posts, covering news, features, and reviews. Alas, one lump of carbon is not enough, especially one with a 40+ job that takes a lot out of me as well as general commitments to life and being not totally unhealthy.

In many ways, this site was my rock for years, still is in many ways. But I have moved into other avenues. I create videos for YouTube for myself for nothing other than fun really and I’ve also picked up streaming once again. I will be dedicating more time to these ventures.

BUT . . . I will start writing again. Maybe not about every new trailer that drops or features that’s been implemented, but my elaborate expressions on what constructs have been built in this beautiful industry. The meaning behind themes, interpretations of stories, and what things really mean something to me. It’s a passion project I’ve had in mind for years at this stage but the fear of neglecting the core always rendered my frozen to my spot, carrying out my self-expected duties.

So, in a long form of saying: PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO MY OTHER CHANNELS!


Thank you so much to every reader, every passing glance you gave my work and as a form of gratitude, I will aim to be passionate about the right things, just give it time.

Owner of Game-Smack, Jason plays everything that's possible. Goal of Game-Smack: Overhearing a stranger "Game-Smack? I've heard of that. It sucks!"

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