Project Spark global beta releases today

Project Spark global beta releases today

project spark

After being in beta for Windows 8.1 since December 2013, Microsoft have announced that Project Spark has entered global beta on Xbox One. The global release will be available to those that have signed up through the website and will allow players access to the 250,000 creation already made through the 8.1 Windows beta.

CREATE. Enjoy special access to the ultimate interactive digital playground for fans and creators. Use the power of your own creativity, storytelling and personality to build unique and instantly playable levels, games and worlds.

PLAY. Experience hundreds of never-before-played games, give feedback and comments on gameplay, and even remix other user’s games with a personal twist.

SHARE. Creations can be shared with Team Dakota and other Beta participants within the community. Share your creations with others around the world and be among the first to leave your mark on this groundbreaking digital canvas.

Project Spark allows users to create anything they want on their 8.1 Windows device and then pick up and play on their Xbox One or vice versa.

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